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Bizzari and Tozzi secure Lazio win

Updated: Apr 1

Game 11, Serie A

Wednesday, December 24, 1958

Stadio Giuseppe Moccagatta, Alessandria

Alessandria Lazio 0-2

With two goals in the second half by Bizzarri and Tozzi, Lazio secure a fundamental win.

It had rained considerably before the game and the pitch was not in a great shape. Lazio were in control for the entire match with the exception of the first few minutes. Manager Fulvio Bernardini had organised his team in attacking mode with lots of passes, but the terrible conditions of the pitch made that game plan look suicidal. Roger Vonlanthen went on the counter attack in the 4th minute and, despite being slowed down by the mud, his shot hit the post. Giovanni Molino cleared the penalty box but in came Michele Manenti who, fortunately for Lazio, hit the other post. Once the manager realised his mistake, Lazio started to have a more cautious approach. Long passes to the forwards were the key in order to overcome the conditions of the pitch.

Vonlanthen was dangerous on numerous occasions but the Lazio defenders mitigated the perils. In the 35th minute Humberto Tozzi had a chance but his shot was saved by the Alessandria goalkeeper. Six minutes later Franco Carradori shot wide, as did Tozzi at the end of the first half.

There was no contest in the second half. Alessandria’s forwards began to tire and Lazio dominated. Lazio scored in the 53rd minute. Carlo Tagnin took a free kick, the ball reached Egidio Fumagalli whose first cross was sent back by the defence, but his second attempt reached Claudio Bizzarri. The right-winger stopped the ball and shot it under the cross bar. 1-0 for Lazio.

The referee sent off Aldo Nardi in the 72nd minute and three minutes later Lazio made it two. Bruno Franzini passed the ball to Tozzi who beat the goalkeeper. Alessandria scored in the dying minutes but an offside decision did not allow the Piemontese to reduce the deficit.

A tough match, in difficult conditions, but a nice Christmas present for the Lazio supporters.

Who played for Alessandria

Cuman, Nardi, Boniardi, Snidero, Pedroni, Pistorello, Castaldo, Manenti, Vonlanthen, Dorigo, Tacchi.

Manager: Pedroni.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Bernardini

Referee: Jonni

Goals: 53’ Bizzarri, 75’ Tozzi


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