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Antonio Sciarpa

Antonio Sciarpa was born in Rome on September 19 1964.

Source Lazio Wiki

He started to play football with Pro Tevere Roma and at the age of 12 joined Lazio. He played in all the youth teams and was part of the primavera squad when in late February 1983 he started playing with the main team. He debuted in Serie B on March 6 1983 at Cremona where Lazio won 1-0 with a magnificent Bruno Giordano free kick with three minutes to the end of the match.

That season he made seven more appearances including playing the final minutes of Cavese Lazio, the last match of the season, which saw Lazio clinch promotion to Serie A after three years of Serie B hell.

In 1983 he signed for Cavese but played very little, just three appearances. He then played with Siena in 1984-85, Latina in the next two seasons and Viterbese in 1987-88.

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