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Emilio Capri

Emilio Capri was born in Vicenza, on November 21, 1917.

Source Lazio Wiki

His first club was his hometown team of Lanerossi Vicenza in 1936-37. The "Lane" were in Serie C and he played 24 league games with 6 goals.


In 1937 he joined Lazio in Serie A. The manager was József Viola and the Biancocelesti finished 8th. Lazio had the great Silvio Piola and Umberto Busani up front but Capri managed to get 13 league games and score 2 goals (Milan, Fiorentina).


The following year Viola stayed but was replaced after 19 games by Luigi Allemandi. Lazio finished 10th and Capri played 17 league games with 4 goals (Torino, Novara, Milan, Roma) and 2 games in Coppa Italia. The highlight was beating Roma 2-0 in Testaccio although Capri did not score in that game.


In 1939 he left the capital and joined Torino where he stayed two seasons. The Granata finished 6th in the first year, under Angelo Mattea and then Andreas Kuttik from the end of December. Capri had a good campaign scoring 9 goals in 23 league games (Liguria, Modena, Bari, Fiorentina, Milan, Bologna, Roma x2, Fiorentina) and 2 in Coppa Italia (Ambrosiana-Inter, Brescia) in 2 games. One of his teammates was future Lazio manager Federico Allasio (1954).


In his second year under "La Mole Antonelliana" the manager was Tony Cargnelli (Lazio 1946-48) and Toro finished 7th. Capri played 29 league games with 7 goals (Triestina, Bari, Fiorentina, Napoli, Inter, Novara, Livorno) and 5 games in Coppa Italia with 2 goals (Brescia, Roma).


In 1941 he returned home to Vicenza who were in Serie B. The manager was first Pietro Spinato and then, former Lazio player, Aldo Spivach (1928-32). The "Lane" were promoted in 2nd place. Capri played 26 league games with 7 goals (Prato, Brescia, Pro Patria, Prato x2, Spezia, Novara).


The following year, in Serie A, Spinato returned as manager and the Biancorossi finished 12th. Capri played 11 league games and 1 in Coppa Italia with 1 goal (Pro Patria). The highlights were beating Inter and Juventus away, 2-1 and 6-2. One of his teammates was, former Lazio, Bruno Camolese (1935-40).


The war then interrupted all the national leagues which returned in 1945.


In 1945 he joined nearby Treviso. The Biancocelesti were in Serie B- C Alta Italia and were promoted to Serie B. Capri then stayed another four years and the Trevigiani finished 4th, 13th (relegated), 3rd and 1st (promoted). He played a total of 62 league games with 4 goals (according to records but probably more).


At 32 he retired.


Capri was a forward who had a good club career. He played 93 games in Serie A with 22 goals. He also won a promotion to Serie A with his hometown club Vicenza.


At Lazio he was a backup forward but he got his fair share of games, a total of 32 (30 in A) with 6 goals in two seasons. He scored in a derby and then went on to score three more goals against the Giallorossi playing for other clubs.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Coppa Italia


13 (2)

13 (2)



19 (4)

17 (4)



32 (6)

30 (6)




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