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Fausto Inselvini

Updated: Apr 2

Fausto Inselvini was born in Travagliato (Brescia), on December 15, 1951.

Source Lazio Wiki

He played his early football with local big club Brescia, going through the whole youth sector and then joining the first team squad in 1969-70.


Brescia were in Serie A and the manager was first Arturo Silvestri (1-12) and then Mido Bimbi (13-30). Inselvini played 2 league games but the "Rondinelle" were relegated in 14th place.


Over the next three seasons he played in Serie B. The managers were Andrea Bassi the first two years and then Giuliano Piovanelli (1-19) and Renato Gei (20-38) in the third. The Leonessa finished 5th, 12th and 17th. Inselvini played 90 league games with 3 goals (Arezzo, Novara, Lecco) plus 10 games in Coppa Italia. His teammates included future Lazio manager Gigi Simoni (1985-86) and a young future Inter star Evaristo Beccalossi.


In the Autumn of 1973 he joined Lazio in Serie A. The manager was Tommaso Maestrelli and Lazio had title ambitions as they had gone very close the previous season. Luciano Re Cecconi had got injured so Inselvini was brought in to fill in the temporary gap in the squad. He ended up playing 11 league games, 8 in Coppa Italia and 2 in the UEFA Cup. He also played 20 games for the U23's with 3 goals. Lazio and Inselvini had a great year and won the scudetto for the first time in their history.


In 1974-75 Inselvini joined Foggia in Serie B. The managers were first Lauro Toneatto (1-17) and then, future Italy manager, Cesare Maldini. The Rossoneri finished 8th and Inselvini played 30 league games with 3 goals. His teammates included, former and future Lazio, Sergio Borgo (1973-74, 1975-76) and, former Lazio, Giuseppe Lorenzetti (1967-69).


In 1975-76 Inselvini stayed with the Apulian "Satanelli" (Little Satans). The manager was Maldini again (1-20) and then Roberto Balestri (20-38). Foggia won promotion in 3rd place and Inselvini played 21 league games with 2 goals (Taranto, Brindisi). One of his teammates was future Lazio derby winner Aldo Nicoli (1978-81). This season however Inselvini suffered a serious injury which would hinder the rest of his career.


In 1976-77 he played 6 league games for Sambenedettese in Serie B. La Samb finished 9th under first Eugenio Fantini (1-11) and then Nicola Tribuiani (12-38).


In 1978-79 Inselvini joined Barletta in Serie C1. The manager was first Francisco Lojacono and then Vincenzo Margiotta but the Biancorossi finished 15th and were relegated. Inselvini played 21 league games with 2 goals.


In 1979-80 he played for Alessandria in C1. The "Orso Grigio" (The Grey Bear) got through three managers: Eugenio Fantini, Ermanno Tarabbia and Raffaele Cuscela and got relegated. Inselvini played 28 league games with 1 goal.


In 1980-81 he played one last season back at Barletta in C2. The" Furie Rosse" (The Red Furies) finished 5th under Mario Trebbi and then Savino Parente. Inselvini played 29 league games with 1 goal.


At this point, at 30 he retired.


Since retiring he has gone into coaching at lower levels. His clubs have included: Telgate (Bergamo), Orsa Iseo (Brescia), Lonate (Varese), Manfredonia, Siderno (Reggio Calabria), Marsala, Rionero (Potenza), Crema and San Severo (Foggia).


Inselvini was a defensive midfielder. He was a hard-working player not overly skilful but athletic and generous. He was one of those players who they say always put in a good shift. He played 13 games in Serie A and 165 in B. The injury at 25 then meant the last years of his career were at slightly lower levels.


He only spent one year at Lazio but it was an epic one. Lazio won the Scudetto and he made a good contribution with 11 league games. His name is still reeled off with the other reserve players of that unforgettable squad: Mario Facco, Paolo Franzoni, Luigi Polentes and Pierpaolo Manservisi. Inselvini played a total of 21 games for Lazio.

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