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June 4, 1933: Lazio Milan 2-0

Another Brazilian win for Lazio


Lazio beat Milan with two goals from their Brazilian oriundi

Source Lazio Wiki

The season so far


The previous season Lazio had arrived 13th. It was a disappointing year; the club had signed quite a number of South America “oriundi” and had hoped for a much better result. Unfortunately, the new foreign players were unaccustomed to following tactics, so it was not easy. Manager Amilcar Barbuy had had a number of problems and at the end of the season left and went back to Brazil. He was replaced by Austrian Karl Strumer.


The summer transfer session had seen a lot of changes. In came defender Armando Bertagni (Salernitana), midfielder Pietro Buscaglia (Vigevano) and forwards Antonio Bisigato (Bari) and Leonizio Fantoni III (Cruzeiro). Among the players leaving Lazio were Orlando Tognotti (Terni), Mario Malatesta (Milan), Aldo Spivach (Padova) and Carlo Cevenini V (Pisa).


At the end of the first half of the season Lazio were 12th. They had beaten Ambrosiana Inter away and had won the derby. They were currently 9th.


The match: Sunday, June 4, 1933, Stadio PNF, Rome


Lazio started the game on the attack and after just three minutes went ahead. Pietro Pastore received the ball and drew a couple of Milanese defenders towards him. At this point he saw Anfilogino Guarisi going forward on the right, ball through the defensive gap and the Italo-Brazilian made no mistake. Lazio 1 Milan 0.


The Rossoneri did not react immediately. In the 14th minute a Giovanni Moretti shot was comfortably saved by Ezio Sclavi and shortly after Mario Romani had a massive chance but his big whack went wide. Soon after Guarisi hit the crossbar on a free kick and in the 20th minute another shot from Filò shaved the crossbar. In the 26th minute a Enzio Serafini free kick, slightly deflected by Alejandro Demaria forced Dario Compiani to save into corner. Around the half hour another Romani shot was saved by Sclavi. The Milan centre-forward had another chance in the 39th minute but his shot was only slightly high. In the 42nd minute Pastore passed to Bisigato, big whack, crossbar again!!!


In the 53rd minute Milan had a massive chance for an equaliser. Moretti passed to Romani who found himself unmarked in front of Sclavi but wasted too much time in preparing for the shot so that once he did the Lazio keeper was ready for him. The game went backwards and forwards. In the 64th minute a Guarisi shot was parried and three minutes later a Pietro Arcari free kick was blocked by Sclavi. In the 72nd minute Bertagni collided with Romani in the box but for the referee there was nothing in it. Aldo Biffi also had a favourable chance but his shot went into the stands.


In the 81st minute Lazio doubled their score. Guarisi took a corner and Joao Fantoni I with a perfect volley made it two.


Milan threw themselves in the Biancoceleste box but first Biffi had a shot parried by Sclavi and then Moretti hit the woodwork.


Game over and a great win for Lazio.


Who played for Lazio


Manager: Sturmer


Who played for Milan

Compiani, Perversi, Schienoni, Maestroni, Cattaneo I, Cresta I, Arcari III, Moretti, Romani, Biffi, Kossovel

Manager: Banas

Referee: Scarpi

Goals: 3’ Guarisi, 81’ Fantoni I


What happened next


Lazio arrived 10th at the end of the season. They were very inconsistent, losing against weaker teams, but winning against Juventus, Inter, Milan and Roma. The potential was certainly there to do better.


Enzio Enrique Serafini was the player with most appearances (33) and Joao Fantoni I the leading goal scorer (11).

Lazio 1932-33






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Top appearances


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Fantoni I




Top 5 goal scorers


Goals Serie A

Fantoni I










Let's talk about Armando Bertagni

Source Lazio Wiki

Armando Bertagni was born on May 4, 1907 in Spilamberto, near Modena.

He started his career in a local team then played at Cagliari during his military service and later played for Nocerina. In 1929 he signed for Salernitana in Serie C and stayed for three seasons before moving to Rome on the right side of the Tiber in 1932.

He was one of the most important defensive players for Lazio in those years thanks to his speed and acrobatic abilities. In three seasons he made 86 appearances.

In 1934 he was sold to Livorno in Serie B where he played for another three seasons. In 1936, Livorno were promoted to Serie A and he played his last year of football in the top tier.


He died on September 6 1957, in Livorno.

Lazio Career


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