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Two more points for promotion hopes

1971-72 Season

Game 26, Serie B

Sunday, March 26, 1972

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Arezzo 2-0

Chinaglia and Abbondanza secure Lazio victory over tough Arezzo

Chinaglia, Maestrelli and Abbondanza. Source Wikipedia

A difficult game for the Biancocelesti without Carlo Facchin and Giambattista Moschino against a team that basically built a wall in front of its goal. Lazio had problems in trying to knock down the wall, even though they did score fairly early on.

In the 21st minute, Giorgio Chinaglia, who had just missed a colossal chance a few minutes earlier after a Mario Facco assist, got the ball, ran through the Arezzo defence like a battering ram and whacked the ball into the net. Nothing else happened in the first half with the exception of two probable penalties for fouls on Giuseppe Massa and Chinaglia ignored by the referee.

Lazio were tired and in the second half they started retreating. Arezzo however took too long to throw on another forward and, with the exception of an Elio Parolini header, never gave Bandoni any cause for alarm.

In the 89th minute Alessandro Abbondanza, just inside the box, scored with a powerful left foot kick to close the game 2-0.

Vital win for Lazio.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Di Vincenzo

Manager: Maestrelli

Who played for Arezzo

Candussi, V.Bertini, Vergani, Beatrice, Tonani, Parolini, Bianchini (64' Galuppi), Camozzi, Barlassina, Quadalti, Incerti.

Substitutes: Grandini.

Manager: Ballacci.

Referee: Branzoni

Goals: 21' Chinaglia, 89' Abbondanza



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