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Smells like Serie A

Updated: Feb 7

Game 15, Serie B

Sunday, December 19, 1982

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Milan 2-2


Lazio manage to equalise the Serie B big match between two former greats with a last gasp D’Amico goal

Source Lazio Wiki

70,000 spectators turned out for this game, a possible anticipation of Serie A. The Biancocelesti fans had poured into the stadium since the early hours of the morning. As was customary in these circumstances, time was passed by ripping up newspapers and creating paper confetti to throw in the air when the two teams came on.


Lazio and Milan had shown to be so superior to the other Serie B teams that the evening football programs had added the reports on the game to the other Serie A matches of the day.


Milan started very strongly and Oscar Damiani immediately had a chance receiving the ball in the box and finding himself alone in front of Fernando Orsi who managed to maintain his unbeaten record that began four minutes from time at Bologna when Claudio Sclosa had scored the Bolognese winner. In the eight games since then Lazio had not conceded a single goal.


It did not last long. In the 9th minute Andrea Icardi interrupted a Lazio play (possibly with a foul) and ran down the right wing. He crossed into the box and Damiani with a back heel put the Rossoneri ahead. 


Lazio had terrible problems at midfield and could not organise a response and Milan almost made it two in the 21st minute. Tiziano Manfrin to Damiani who with a dummy went past Marco Saltarelli, dribbled around Orsi and once in front of goal put in a powerful shot. But the Biancocelesti defenders had managed to race back in time so Enrico Vella intercepted and Arcadio Spinozzi cleared.


Bruno Giordano then rose to the occasion. After having missed a goal earlier when he went round the keeper but failed to score, in the 42rd minute he took a free kick and with a splendid curling shot around the wall beat Giulio Nuciari.


All square after the first half.


The second half opened like the first, with Milan with the foot on the accelerator. Giancarlo Pasinato, after a splendid assist from Franco Baresi found himself all alone in front of Orsi but the Lazio goalkeeper parried. In the 53rd minute Icardi crossed into the box for Joe Jordan but his header was saved by Orsi. Four minutes later a wonderful long ball from Manfrin to Damiani, clinical header and Milan back in front.


Lazio pressed Milan but could not create any dangerous chances. The Biancocelesti fans had almost lost hope.


In the 89th minute Vella on the counter attack passed to Vincenzo D’Amico who just inside the box immediately went for the shot: crossbar. The ball bounced back and a Milan defender tried to send the ball into corner, anticipating Giordano, but it was a pass to Vincenzino who this time put the ball in the back of the net. Lazio 2 Milan 2. Luciano could now throw the paper confetti in the air.


Lazio managed to keep the two-point lead and celebrate over Christmas.  


Who played for Lazio


Substitutes: Moscatelli, Pochesci, Badiani, Tavola

Manager: Clagluna


Who played for Milan


Nuciari, Tassotti, Icardi, Pasinato (82' Longobardo), Canuti, F. Baresi, Manfrin, Battistini, Jordan (61' Incocciati), Verza, Damiani

Substitutes: Piotti, Cuoghi, Gadda

Manager: Castagner


Referee: Agnolin


Goals: 9’ Damiani, 43’ Giordano, 57’ Damiani, 89’ D’Amico




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