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Lazio destroys Roma

Updated: Jun 21

Game 8, Serie A

Sunday, November 22, 1942

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Roma 3-1

Lazio put on a great performance and literally destroyed Roma.

Source Wikipedia

Lazio so far had had many ups and downs and were currently eighth.

The match

A very aggressive Lazio immediately created difficulty for Roma who had a really poor day. Lazio were superior in everything and deservedly ahead when the Roma goalkeeper was unable to hold onto a Luciano Ramella free kick with Silvio Piola ready for the tap in with ten minutes to go in the first half.

Roma did not react and Lazio continued to be dangerous. In the second half a misunderstanding between the defender Alberto Fazio and goalkeeper Uber Gradella nearly allowed an equalizer for Roma but then Mario Acerbi headed a shot from Flacco Flamini into his own net and it was 2-0 in the 71st minute. Eight minutes later Henglebert Koenig made it three.

The Roma goal came via a penalty with ten minutes to go. Alessandro Ferri put a hand on the ball and Pantò got the consolation goal.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Popovich

Who played for Roma

Masetti, Brunella, Acerbi, Donati, Mornese, Bonomi, Benedetti, Cappellini, Amadei, Coscia, Pantò

Manager: Schaffer

Referee: Galeati

Goals: 35' Piola, 71' Acerbi (og), 79' Koenig, 80' Pantò



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