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A step towards the final

Game 4, Semifinal Group, National Championship

Sunday, April 18, 1915


Campo della Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Roman 2-1

Lazio beat Roman and join the Giallorossi at the top of the table of the semi-final group

In the first game of the second phase Lazio had lost to Pisa 4-0 and Roman had won their game because Lucca decided not to play. If the Biancocelesti wanted to proceed to the next round, they needed to win today.


Lazio were without Giuseppe Fioranti and Roman could not play Grassi.


The Giallorossi began the game a lot better than the Biancocelesti but Clemente Serventi managed to parry a dangerous Rovida shot. Lazio then had a couple of chances but Carlo Maranghi shot wide and Fernando Saraceni hit the crossbar. It was an entertaining game with the ball going from one end to the other. Marcello Consiglio missed a good opportunity and then Meille saw his shot saved by Serventi.


In the 20th minute the score changed. Maranghi tried a shot, Talamone parried, Renato Grasselli was ready for the tap in and did not miss (some sources give the goal to Consiglio).


Roman attacked but the Biancoceleste defence, with Gino Donati and Camillo Bona, was able to reduce dangers to a minimum. When they could not, such as with a Meille shot, Serventi was ready.


After a Maranghi shot was parried by Talamone, Lazio scored their second in the 30th minute. Saraceni gave a splendid assist to Augusto Faccani who from 15 metres beat the Roman keeper.


Towards the end of the first 45 minutes a De Giuli shot shaved the post.


In the second half, Roman put the foot on the accelerator. Meille tried a shot, saved into corner by Serventi. From the corner, Donati missed the ball and Meille had the chance to reduce the deficit but his attempt,  four metres from the goal, went high. After a Saraceni opportunity which went slightly high, Rovida had a chance but his attempt was wide. In the 87th minute a Donati mistake gave Meille the chance to score and he did not miss.


But it was too late and Lazio won.


Who played for Lazio


Serventi, Bona, Donati, Levi, Faccani, Zucchi, Grasselli, Maranghi, Saraceni, Cella, Consiglio

Manager: Baccani


Who played for Roman


Talamone, Cosimi, Meda, De Lellis, Buratti, Bechis, Donati, De Giuli, Rovida, Meille, Marchesi.


Referee: Scamoni


Goals: 20’ Grasselli, 30’ Faccani, 87’ Meille




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