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Dismal draw

Updated: Apr 1

Game 4, Serie A

Sunday, October 12, 1958

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Udinese 1-1

Source Lazio Wiki

Biancocelesti played awfully but managed to get a point

The game was played at 10.30 due to an afternoon athletics meeting.

The match started with a Franco Carradori shot that was parried by Gianni Romano into corner. And then Udinese scored. In the 16th minute Odero Gon anticipated Humberto Tozzi, the ball arrived to Adriano Birtig who headed a pass that fell between Franco Janich and Giacomo Del Gratta. Luis Penetrelli went for it, beat the Lazio defenders for speed, waited for Bob Lovati to come out and scored.

Udinese seemed more organised defensively and the Biancocelesti had enormous difficulty in creating chances. The only thing to note was a Tozzi shot in the 31st minute that went wide. Twelve minutes later, though, Lazio equalised. Claudio Bizzarri crossed, Tozzi, challenged by Primo Sentimenti V could not control the ball but Ugo Pozzan was in the right place at the right time and whacked it into the goal.

In the second half Edgidio Fumagalli’s pass to Bizzarri in the 59th minute was too long. A pity because it was a great scoring chance. In the 75th minute Sentimenti tripped Bizzarri in the box as a retaliatory foul due to an unorthodox, but regular, attempt to steal the ball from the Udinese goalkeeper. It should have been a penalty for Lazio and a red card for the former Biancoceleste player, but not according to the referee.

In the 79th minute Renzo Sassi managed to head a dangerous Pozzan volley into corner and a minute later Massimo Giacomini missed a chance from a favourable position. In the last minute of the game Bizzari’s header off a Carlo Tagnin cross went too wide.

The match ended 1-1.

Where was the team that had just won the Coppa Italia playing beautifully? A timid Lazio with players that seemed out of form and a complete lack of ideas. Manager Fulvio Bernardini had a lot of work to do.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Bernardini

Who played for Udinese

Romano, Baccari, Valenti, Sassi, Gon, Piquè, Pentrelli, Sentimenti V, Birtig, Giacomini, Fontanesi

Manager: Miconi.

Referee: Famulari

Goals: 16’ Pentrelli, 43’ Pozzan


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