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Marco Saltarelli

Marco Saltarelli had a tragic, unlucky life.

Marco Saltarelli is second from right, front row. Source Wikipedia

Born in Albano Laziale near Rome on May 28, 1962, he was part of the Lodigiani youth team and debuted for the club in 1981-82. Noticed during a friendly, in 1982 he signed for Lazio. That year with the return of Bruno Giordano and Lionello Manfredonia, Lazio were one of the favourites for promotion. Saltarelli initially was used as a back up left back, but the Biancocelesti struggled in the beginning so manager Roberto Clagluna at San Benedetto del Tronto decided to substitute Vincenzo Chiarenza with the young player. He did very well, so well that Chiarenza was sold in the winter transfer window and Saltarelli became a regular player. He made 30 appearances that season, which culminated in the return to Serie A.

In 1983 he signed for Monza in Serie B and played for four Seasons, the last one in C1. In 1987 he moved to Sambenedettese in Serie B and after a year he signed for Barletta. His last two years of active football took place with Perugia in Serie C1.

In September 1992, Saltareli lost his wife. After giving birth to their second child, the doctor did not notice something was wrong. Marco tried to convince him that his wife was ill, but the head physician ignored him and she died. The doctor was later sentenced to 20 months in jail.

Saltarelli moved to Pomezia and opened a bar. Then on May 28 2004, as he was driving on the road that from Pomezia goes to Albano he had a terrible car accident. His Mercedes 200 hit a truck that was doing a U turn. He died instantly at just 42 years of age.

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