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Pietro Adorni

Pietro Adorni was born in Fidenza (Parma) on June 27, 1938.

Pietro Adorni is second from left standing. Source Wikipedia

His first club was his hometown team between 1954 and 1957. The Bianconeri were in Serie D and finished 10th, 11th and 18th (relegated). Adorni played 22 league games with 1 goal.


In 1957 he joined Simmenthal Monza in Serie B and stayed five seasons. In the first two he only played 8 total league games and the Brianzoli finished 4th and 7th. From his third year he started to play more regularly and over three seasons played 89 league games. Monza finished 16th under Attillio Kossovel, 5th under Argentine Hugo Lamanna and 8th again under Lamanna. A curious fact is that Adorni played with future Lazio president Gianmarco Calleri and sports director Carlo Regalia. His teammates also included future Lazio player Carlo Facchin (71-72).


In 1962 Adorni joined Palermo in Serie A. The Rosanero got through three managers, Giovanni Ballico (1-3), Fioravante Baldi (T.D, 4-16) and Oscar Montez (17-34) and were relegated. Adorni made his Serie A debut on September 19 against SPAL. He then played 15 league games. One of his teammates was future Lazio keeper Claudio Bandoni (71-72).


In 1964 he signed for Napoli in Serie B. He stayed two seasons. In the first, under Bruno Pesaola, the Partenopei were promoted and he played 30 league games with 1 goal (Verona) and 4 games in Coppa Italia. In his second the Azzurri finished an excellent 3rd in Serie A and won the Alps Cup. Adorni played 5 league games and 2 in Coppa Italia. His teammates included future Lazio, Pierluigi Ronzon (67-68) and again future Lazio keeper Bandoni plus the great Omar Sivori (unfortunately no Lazio connection).


In November 1966 Adorni joined Lazio in Serie A. The manager was first Umberto Mannocci and then Maino Neri and he played 21 league games and 2 in the Mitropa Cup. Unfortunately, Lazio were relegated.


In 1967-68 Renato Gei was manager for the first 24 games and then replaced by Bob Lovati. Lazio had an indifferent season and finished 11th. Adorni played 28 league games and 1 in Coppa Italia.


In 1968-69 Juan Carlos Lorenzo arrived as manager but Bob Lovati sat on the bench on match days, at least until the end of March, as the Argentine did not have the necessary paper work (Italian Passport). Lazio won promotion and Adorni played 2 league games.


In 1969 Adorni left Lazio and joined Piacenza in Serie B. He only played 2 league games under Enrico Radia and then Bruno Arcari. The Biancorossi were relegated. One of his teammates was future Lazio and Italian champion, Paolo Franzoni.


In 1970-71 he played one last season back at Fidenza at regional level, making 17 appearances.


He then retired at 33.


Adorni was a right full-back. He was 1.76 and 75 kilos and was a classic man to man marker. He was tough defender and made life difficult for the opponent he was allocated to. Towards the end of his career, he was also employed as a "libero".


He played 265 career games, 41 in Serie A. At Lazio he made 52 total appearances and won a promotion to Serie A in 1969.


Pietro Adorni died in Fidenza on March 14, 2002

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