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Penalty draw

Game 6, Serie A

Sunday, November 18, 1934

Campo Testaccio, Rome

Roma Lazio 1-1

Two penalties in the second half produced a draw in Ferraris IV’s first derby against his former team

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The season had started very well. After the first five games, Lazio had won them all except one, beating Livorno 6-1 and Juventus 5-3, and were top of the table together with Fiorentina.

The match

Before the game, the six Nazionale players received an award from Roma. These were Attilio Ferraris IV, Enrique Guaita, Alejandro Scopelli, Giacomo Blason, SIlvio Piola and Guido Masetti.

There was curiosity to see what the Roma fans would do when seeing their former captain play in a different jersey, especially a Lazio one. There was applause but also boos.

In the second minute Piola passed to Antonio Bisigato who shot but Masetti saved. Five minutes later it was Blason who was called to save a Scopelli shot made more insidious due to an involuntary deflection off Octavio Fantoni II. Blason had to repeat himself in the 13th minute again saving a Scopelli shot and immediately after another attempt from Franco Scaramelli gave the crowd the illusion of the goal since the ball ended behind the net. In the 20th minute a Guaita bicycle kick was too high and immediately after he crossed towards the centre of the box, Armando Del Debbio cleared, ball back to Guaita who attempted a shot from an impossible position, the Lazio goalkeeper saved. In the 23rd minute Juan Fantoni I had a chance after an Alejandro Demaria corner, but his shot was too high.

A very exciting match with the ball going backwards and forwards. Roma played better, but Lazio were more physical, creating a lot of difficulty for the Giallorossi. Scopelli had another chance in the 30th minute off a corner taken by Raffaele Costantino, but his shot went wide. The latter was the protagonist of a magnificent cross shortly after which Guaita headed out. Bisigato and Virigilio Levratto went close to giving Lazio the lead and in the 44th minute Piola attempted a shot from outside the box but the ball shaved the crossbar.

The second half continued along the same lines, first Blason had to save a Scaramelli shot in the 47th minute and then Masetti had to dive at Piola's feet to avoid a goal. In the 58th minute foul on Scopelli in the box, the referee indicated a penalty which Guaita scored. Five minutes later Costantino scored for Lazio but he was offside.

Lazio pressed Roma and in the 68th minute equalised. Piola was pulled down in the box. Penalty also for the Biancocelesti which the great Silvio scored. Lazio sensed blood and attacked. In the 72nd minute Masetti saved a Piola acrobatic bicycle kick. Two minutes later Bisigato shaved the crossbar. In the 77th minute a Demaria header went wide, in the 79th a surface-to-air shot by Piola was well saved by Masetti. The match ended with a Costantino shot saved by Blason.

A great game and a fair result

Who played for Roma

Masetti, Gadaldi, Bodini II, Frisoni II, Bernardini, Tomasi, Costantino, Scopelli, Guaita, Scaramelli, Fusco

Manager: Barbesino

Who played for Lazio

Blason, Bertagni, Del Debbio, Ferraris IV, Viani I, Fantoni II, Demaria, Fantoni I, Piola, Bisigato, Levratto

Manager: Alt

Referee: Scorzoni

Goals: 58’ Guaita (pen), 68’ Piola (pen)



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