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Transfers 1973-74

Updated: May 4

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The almost triumph of the previous season meant that during the summer transfer window many Lazio players were sought after. Pino Wilson was wanted by the Milanese teams, Luciano Re Cecconi by Torino, Franco Nanni by Fiorentina and Juventus. There was a battle for Giorgio Chinaglia. Juventus offered a billion lire, Inter 700 thousand plus four players. But Lazio President Umberto Lenzini said no. Renato Zaccarelli and Claudio Gentile could have been signed but it did not happen. Even Ferruccio Mazzola refused to sign for Novara.

In the end there were very minor movements and Lazio basically stayed as they were.


Sergio Borgo, midfielder, arrived from Pro Patria. He was well known by Re Cecconi who suggested his signing.

Vito Chimenti. A Small, agile forward with a good goal scoring record, he arrived from Matera where he had scored 16 goals previous season in Serie C. He however did not stay for long as he was sold to Lecco in the autumn transfer window.

Franco Tripodi, a young midfielder, was from the Lazio youth team. The previous season he was on loan at Sulmona.

Goodbye or almost

Andrea Chini was the 1972-73 third goalkeeper. He arrived in 1968, sent on loan to Alessandria in 1970-71, and to Palestrina in 1971-72. He was sold to Pro Salerno in Serie D. During the course of the years he was often on the bench but never debuted with Lazio.

Gianbattista Moschino arrived at Lazio in 1962-63 on loan but stayed only a year. He returned in 1971 and was fundamental for the Biancocelesti’s return to Serie A. The previous year he had appeared in only three games. The midfielder left after 49 appearances and 6 goals for Lazio in his two stints.

Francesco Cinquepalmi, forward, was another product of the Lazio youth sector. He was sent on loan in the previous years to Grosseto, Romulea and Termoli. The previous season he had been part of the squad but only played a few friendlies and made two appearances in the Anglo Italian Cup with one goal. He was sold to Brescia.

Giacomo La Rosa was signed by Lazio on the last day of the autumn transfer window one year earlier in order to give more depth to the attack. Previously he had played for Messina (he was nicknamed the Sivori of Messina) for four years, Roma for three and a month for Varese. The season earlier he had appeared six times and scored two goals in Serie A plus four appearances and one goal in the Anglo-Italian Cup. He signed for Palermo.

Autumn transfers

A couple of arrivals in the autumn transfers

Fausto Inselvini, midfielder, arrived from Brescia where he began his football career and had played for the past four seasons (one in Serie A and three in Serie B).

Paolo Franzoni, forward, arrived from Brindisi in Serie B. He previously played for Piacenza, Sorrento, Como and Livorno in Serie B and C.


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