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Vittorio Sentimenti III

Vittorio Sentimenti was the brother of Lucidio Sentimenti, one of the Sentimenti family football dynasty.

Vittorio Sentimenti, standing with his brothers Lucidio and Primo, is the third from left. Source Wikipedia

The Sentimenti’s were nine brothers, all of them played football but “only” five of them professionally. Three of the brothers played for Lazio: Vittorio (III), Lucidio (IV) and Primo (V). Ennio (I) was the only one of the brothers that had nothing to do with the Biancocelesti since Arnaldo (II) became manager of Lazio’s youth teams between 1953 and 1957.

Why is there a roman numeral at the end of their surnames? At that time players with the same surname were given a Roman number to distinguish them all. Therefore you had five Sentimenti’s and later in the 1960’s Mazzola I, Sandro who played for Inter, and Mazzola II, Ferruccio, who played for Lazio.

Vittorio was born at Bomporto on August 18 1918. He started his career in the youth teams of Modena and then moved to the A team on a permanent basis in the 1936-37 season. He stayed in Emilia Romagna until 1941 after having played three seasons in Serie B and two in Serie A.

In 1941 he moved to Juventus and stayed until 1949. After 210 games and 62 goals for the Bianconeri, Vittorio as well as Lucidio were sold to Lazio. He played three years for Lazio and was highly considered by the Lazio fans who called him “Il Bersagliere” for his competitive spirit on the pitch. He played 77 games for Lazio and scored ten times.

In 1952 Lazio sold him to Torino where he stayed four years before going back to Modena for a year in 1956. His last professional year was with Aosta in the amateur league as player-manager.

He died in Turin on September 27, 2004.

Appearances and goals for Lazio


Played (goals)

Serie A

Latin Cup


37 (4)

36 (3)

1 (1)


28 (4)

28 (4)



12 (2)

12 (2)



77 (10)

76 (9)

1 (1)



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