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What happened in Serie A 1993-94

The previous season Milan had won the scudetto quite comfortably, losing their substantial lead only in the last few games. As a consequence, they were the obvious favourites even for the 1993-94 Serie A.

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In the summer transfer window, the Rossoneri, already with a formidable team, added of note Christian Panucci, Brian Laudrup, brother of Michael, and in the autumn Marcel Desailly. They did let go Rudd Gulit (to Sampdoria) after six years of triumphs and Frankie Rijkaard after five years (Ajax). Samp also got David Platt hence on paper had an interesting team. Parma signed Gianfranco Zola and Massimo Crippa from Napoli who were in a state of financial bother. Roma got hold of Abel Balbo from Udinese and Lazio continued on their spending spree with the additions of Luca Marchegiani and Pierluigi Casiraghi. Inter added Dutch International Denis Bergkamp and Juventus a young promising forward: Alessandro Del Piero. Roma had a new manager in Carletto Mazzone, long time fan, and Napoli gave the leadership of the team to Marcello Lippi. They also acquired Paolo Di Canio and said goodbye to Careca.


On the whole, a few interesting teams but none which could hold off the might of Silvio Berlusconi’s Milan




Milan started the season well winning the Super Coppa played on August 21 in Washington DC. They beat Torino 2-0.


In the first six games of Serie A, the Rossoneri had already taken the lead followed by Parma, Torino and Sampdoria. The Romans were already behind. They had a slow start even though Roma did beat Juventus, but then lost at home to Napoli and away to Milan, and Lazio beat Parma and drew with Inter.


In the Champions League first round, Milan eliminated Aarau 1-0 on aggregate. Parma and Torino eliminated Degerfors and Lillestrom in the first round of the Cup Winners Cup. In the UEFA Cup, Cagliari, Inter, Juventus and Lazio eliminated Dinamo Bucharest, Rapid Bucharest, Lokomotiv Moscow and Lokomotiv Plovdid.


Milan 11, Parma 9, Torino 9, Sampdoria 9, Juventus 8, Inter 8, Cagliari 7, Foggia 6, Napoli 6, Atalanta 5, Cremonese 5, Roma 5, Lazio 5, Genoa 4, Piacenza 4, Udinese 3, Reggiana 3, Lecce 1




The Milan pace slowed down and the top of the table was taken by Juventus and Sampdoria with the Rossoneri, Parma and Inter one point behind. Milan drew with Lazio and Juventus but lost against Sampdoria despite being 2-0 up. The winning goal was scored by Gullit, vengeance is sweet. Juve won the Turin derby whereas the Rome clash saw the seventh consecutive draw.


In the first leg of the Champions League second round Milan won 6-0 away at Copenhagen. Parma won 1-0 away and Torino 3-2 at home against Maccabi Haifa and Aberdeen in the first leg of the Cup Winners Cup second round. In the UEFA Cup second round first leg, Cagliari and Juventus drew away 1-1 to Trabzonspor and Kongsvinger, Inter and Lazio won 1-0 at home against Apollon Limassol and Boavista.


Three big surprises in the second round of the Coppa Italia. The first round had taken place in August without the Serie A teams. In the second, Napoli, Lazio and Juventus were eliminated by Empoli, Avellino and Venezia.


Juventus 15, Sampdoria 15, Parma 14, Milan 14, Inter 14, Napoli 12, Cremonese 11, Lazio 11, Torino 10, Cagliari 10, Foggia 9, Roma 9, Piacenza 8, Udinese 6, Genoa 6, Reggiana 6, Atalanta 6, Lecce 4




Milan and Parma caught up with Sampdoria at the top of the table followed by Juventus. The Rossoneri won the derby, Inter and Juventus drew 2-2 in a spectacular match. Lazio, slowly recovering from the bad start, signed Alen Boksic, big Croatian centre-forward from Olympique Marseille.


Milan obviously qualified for the group stage of the Champions League after winning against Copenhagen 7-0 on aggregate and in the first game drew 0-0 against Anderlecht away. Parma and Torino qualified for the quarter finals of the Cup Winners Cup. Parma won on penalties, and Torino won away 2-1. In the UEFA Cup second round, Cagliari drew 0-0 at home and qualified for the third round as did Juventus who won 2-0 and Inter who drew 3-3 away. Lazio were eliminated after they lost to Boavista 2-0. In the first leg of the third round Juventus won 3-0 at home against Tenerife, Inter 1-0 away to Norwich City and Cagliari 3-1 against Mechelen.


Parma 19, Sampdoria 19, Milan 19, Juventus 17, Torino 16, Inter 15, Lazio 15, Napoli 14, Cagliari 14, Cremonese 13, Roma 13, Piacenza 12, Foggia 10, Genoa 10, Udinese 8, Atalanta 8, Reggiana 8, Lecce 4




The final three games of the year saw Milan back in solitary front, followed at a short distance by Samp, Parma and Juve. Parma lost to Roma and Napoli, Juventus were beaten by Lazio in Rome and Sampdoria lost against Inter.


Milan beat Porto 3-0 in the second match of the Champions League group stage. After two games, Milan had 3 points, Porto and Werder Bremen 2, Anderlect 1. Inter, Cagliari and Juventus all went through to the UEFA Cup quarter finals.


Milan played the Intercontinental Cup against Sao Paulo after Olympique Marseille was excluded due the match fixing scandal that banned them from playing international club competitions. Sao Paulo won 3-2.


In the round of 32 of the Coppa Italia, Piacenza eliminated Milan and the big clash between Sampdoria and Roma went to the former after a penalty shootout.


Milan 23*, Sampdoria 22, Parma 21, Juventus 21, Inter 20, Lazio 20, Napoli 18, Torino 17, Cremonese 17, Roma 16, Foggia 15, Cagliari 14, Piacenza 14, Reggiana 12, Genoa 11, Atalanta 11, Udinese 10*, Lecce 4

* one game in hand




Milan said goodbye to the rest of the field and now the gap was four points. Juventus, who drew against Roma at home, Sampdoria and Parma, who beat Lazio, followed. Behind there were quite a number of teams who were fighting it out to avoid relegation. A first spot had already been booked by Lecce, last and way behind.


Torino, Ancona, Parma and Sampdoria qualified for the Coppa Italia semi-finals eliminating Piacenza, Venezia, Foggia and Inter.


Milan 32, Juventus 28, Sampdoria 28, Parma 27, Inter 25, Lazio 25, Napoli 23, Torino 23, Foggia 20, Roma 20, Cagliari 20, Piacenza 19, Cremonese 18, Udinese 17, Reggiana 16, Genoa 16, Atalanta 15, Lecce 6




Milan extended their lead winning twice in Rome. They were followed by Juventus, who drew the derby, and Sampdoria, who lost to Parma but won away to Roma. Inter lost at home to Lazio and sacked Osvaldo Bagnoli replacing him with former World Champion Gianpiero Marini. Roma was sucked into the relegation battle but there were seven teams involved.


In the Coppa Italia semi-finals, Ancona beat Torino 1-0 on aggregate and Sampdoria eliminated Parma 3-1 on aggregate. They will meet in the double final in April.


Milan 40, Juventus 34, Sampdoria 34, Parma 33, Lazio 31, Torino 27, Inter 26, Foggia 25, Napoli 25, Cagliari 25, Roma 22, Piacenza 22, Cremonese 21, Udinese 21, Genoa 21, Reggiana 18, Atalanta 16, Lecce 9




Milan beat Juventus away and that was it for the scudetto this year. They even won the derby and beat Sampdoria. Enough said. Juventus, Sampdoria, Parma and Lazio have more than a foot in next year’s UEFA Cup, Torino and Napoli may have a chance in case of one of the top five wining a Cup. Inter risked being sucked behind even though they did have a five point lead over the relegation zone. Finally, the Rome derby after many years had a winner: it was Lazio, obviously. Atalanta would follow Lecce into Serie B. Two places remaining.


Milan beat Werder Bremen away and drew at home in the Champions League group stage. They then drew at home 0-0 against Anderlecth. They lead Group B with seven points and were qualified for the semi-finals, Porto were on 6, Anderlecht 4, Werder Bremen 3. The first two qualify for the semis. Torino was eliminated by Arsenal in the quarter finals of the Cup Winners Cup 1-0 on aggregate, whilst Parma reached the semi-finals after beating Ajax 2-0 on aggregate. In the first leg of the semi-final, Parma lost 2-1 against Benfica.


In the UEFA Cup quarter finals, Cagliari eliminated Juventus 3-1 on aggregate and Inter beat Borussia Dortmund 4-3 on aggregate and they would face each other in the semi-finals. In the first leg of the latter, Cagliari beat Inter 3-2, coming from behind.


Milan 46, Juventus 39, Sampdoria 39, Parma 37*, Lazio 37, Torino 30, Napoli 30, Inter 28, Cremonese 27, Foggia 27, Genoa 27, Piacenza 27, Cagliari 27, Roma 26, Udinese 23, Reggiana 22*, Atalanta 17, Lecce 11

* one game in hand




Milan secured the scudetto by drawing at home to Udinese with 180 minutes to go. It was their 14th title, third consecutive win. Juventus, Lazio and Parma would play in the UEFA Cup. Sampdoria won their fourth Coppa Italia. After a goalless draw in Ancona, Samp won 6-1 in Genoa. They will play in the Cup Winners Cup. The last European place with one game to the end of the season, would be battled out between Torino and Napoli. Foggia and Roma still had a chance but were slightly behind. These four teams would meet in the last game (Foggia-Napoli and Roma-Torino). Inter, Cremonese and Genoa were almost safe, Reggiana, Piacenza and Udinese in a difficult spot.


Milan drew the last match of the group stage of the Champions League against Porto ensuring the home advantage in the single matched semi final. They played Monaco and won 3-0. They would play Barcelona in Athens in May for the final.


Parma will play Arsenal in the final of the Cup Winners Cup in Copenhagen. They beat Benfica 1-0 in the second leg. Inter reached the final of the UEFA Cup after beating Cagliari 3-0 in the second leg of the semi-final. In the first leg of the final, they won 1-0 away against Salzburg.


Milan 50, Juventus 45, Sampdoria 44, Lazio 42, Parma 40, Napoli 34, Torino 34, Roma 33, Foggia 33, Inter 31, Cremonese 31, Genoa 31, Cagliari 30, Reggiana 29, Piacenza 29, Udinese 28, Atalanta 19, Lecce 11




In the last game of the season Napoli won at Foggia and secured the last spot for next year’s UEFA Cup as Torino were beaten by Roma. Behind, on Friday April 29, Piacenza drew at Parma. This meant that the table now read Inter 31, Cremonese 31, Genoa 31, Cagliari 30, Piacenza 30, Reggiana 29, Udinese 28. This meant that Cagliari needed a point and Reggiana needed to win to stay in Serie A. They both won, Cagliari at Lecce and Reggiana against a Milan that was already on holiday.


In a fantastic match, Milan won their 5th Champions League after they beat favourites Barcelona 4-0. Parma lost the final of the Cup Winners Cup to Arsenal 1-0. Inter won the UEFA Cup after beating Salzburg 1-0 even in the return match.


Next year Milan would be in Champions League, Samp in the Cup Winners Cup, Juve, Lazio, Parma and Napoli in the UEFA Cup. Piacenza, Udinese, Atalanta and Lecce in Serie B, Fiorentina, Bari, Brescia and Padova (winner of the playoff with Cesena) in Serie A.


To scorer: Beppe Signori with 23 goals.


Final table: Milan 50, Juventus 47, Sampdoria 44, Lazio 44, Parma 41, Napoli 36, Roma 35, Torino 34, Foggia 33, Cremonese 32, Genoa 32, Cagliari 32, Inter 31, Reggiana 31, Piacenza 30, Udinese 28, Atalanta 21, Lecce 11



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