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Giovanni Stroppa

Giovanni Stroppa was born in Mulazzano (Lodi-Lombardy), on January 24, 1968.

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He grew on a farmhouse in the agricultural areas around Lodi.


His first club as a kid was Union Maluzzano from 1977 to 1984. In 1978 he had a trial with Inter but nothing came out of it.


In 1984 instead, he joined A.C Milan's youth sector. He was first played at centre-forward, with Paolo Maldini on the wing...but they soon changed positions.


In 1986 Stroppa was called up to the first team but only played in a few friendlies.


In 1987-88 he joined Monza on loan where he stayed two years. In the first the Brianzoli won promotion from C1 to B under Pierluigi Frosio and the second finished 15th in Serie B. He played 71 league games with 5 goals. One of his teammates was, future Lazio, striker Pierluigi Casiraghi (1993-98).


In 1989 he returned to Milan. The manager was Arrigo Sacchi and the Rossoneri finished 2nd in Serie A but won the European Cup (Benfica 1-0), the European Super Cup (Barcelona 2-1 on aggregate) and the Intercontinental Cup (Atlético Nacional de Medellin 1-0). Stroppa played 17 league games with 2 goals (Cesena, Ascoli), 7 games in Coppa Italia, 5 in the European Cup with 1 goal (HJK-Helsinki) and the European Super Cup final. His teammates included former Lazio Mauro Tassotti (1976-80) and future Lazio, Diego Fuser (1992-98).


In 1990-91 he stayed on with Milan and they finished 2nd again. They did however win the European Super Cup (Sampdoria 3-1 on aggregate) and the Intercontinental Cup again (Olimpia from Paraguay 3-0 , Stroppa scoring the third). Stroppa played 18 league games, 7 in Coppa Italia and both cup finals. He played alongside future Lazio Demetrio Albertini (2003-04).


In 1991-92 he joined Lazio. The manager was Dino Zoff and Lazio finished 10th in Serie A. Stroppa played 30 league games with 4 goals (Foggia, Ascoli, Verona, Fiorentina) and 3 in Coppa Italia with 1 goal (Fidelis Andria). He performed well but Gazza was on his way.


In 1992-93 Zoff stayed on and Lazio finished 5th, qualifying for Europe after 15 years. Stroppa played 20 league games and scored 1 goal (Sampdoria) and 5 games in Coppa Italia. This was his last season with Lazio.


In 1993 he joined Foggia in Serie A. The manager was Zdeněk Zeman and the "Satanelli" finished 9th. Stroppa played 30 league games and scored 8 goals (Piacenza, Udinese, Genoa x2, Lecce, Piacenza, Torino x2 ) and 4 games in Coppa Italia with 3 goals (Triestina, Cesena, Parma). A good season for both Foggia's "Zemanlandia" and Stroppa. His teammates included former Lazio, Paolo Mandelli (1986-87), Gigi Di Biagio (1988-89) and future Lazio, José Antonio Chamot (1994-98).


In 1994 he returned to Milan for the second time. The manager was Fabio Capello and the Rossoneri finished 4th. They reached the European Cup final but lost to Ajax 0-1. They however won the Italian Supercoppa (Sampdoria on penalties) and the European Super Cup (Arsenal 2-0 on aggregate) but lost the Intercontinental Cup final (Vélez Sarsfield 0-2). Stroppa played 19 league games with 3 goals (Cremonese, Brescia, Inter), 4 games in Coppa Italia and 7 in Champions League with 1 goal (Salzburg). His teammates included former Lazio, Mario Ielpo (1980-84, 1985-87) and Paolo Di Canio (1984-86, 1987-1990, 2004-2006).


In 1995 Stroppa joined Udinese. The manager was Alberto Zaccheroni and the Friulani finished 11th. Stroppa played 31 league games with 1 goal (Juventus). His teammates included former Lazio, Raffaele Sergio (1989-92) and future Lazio, Gianluca Giannichedda (2001-05).


In 1996-97 Stroppa stayed in Udine and the Bianconeri finished 5th (UEFA Cup). Stroppa played 14 league games with 2 goals (Milan, Verona) plus 1 game in Coppa Italia.


In 1997 he joined Piacenza. He stayed two and a half seasons, all in Serie A. The "Papaveri" finished 13th, 12th and 18th (relegated). His managers were Vincenzo Guerini, Giuseppe Materazzi and then in the third year a chaotic change between Gigi Simoni (1-16), Maurizio Braghin (17), Daniele Bernazzini and Maurizio Braghin together (18-34). In his two and a half seasons Stroppa played 63 league games with 3 goals (Bari, Roma twice, in two draws) plus 9 games in Coppa Italia with 2 goals (Inter, Lecce). In his time in Emilia his teammates included Lazio connections; Matteo Sereni (2003-06), Simone Inzaghi (1999-2007, 2008-2010) and Renato Buso (1996-97). Two and a half seasons because in January 2000 he joined Brescia.


Brescia were in Serie B under Nedo Sonetti. The "Rondinelle" (The Little Swallows) won promotion and Stroppa played 17 league games with 3 goals (Monza, Ternana, Chievo). His teammates included, future Lazio, the Filippini twins (2004-05).


In 2000 Stroppa joined Genoa in Serie B. The Rossoblu got through five managers… starting with Bruno Bolchi and finishing with Franco Scoglio. The "Grifone" (The Griffin) came 12th. The following season Scoglio started but was followed by Edy Reja and then Claudio Onofri and Genoa finished 12th again. In these two chaotic years Stroppa played 59 league games with 5 goals (Monza, Sampdoria, Vicenza, Como, Crotone). The highlight was beating Sampdoria, on April 2 2001, with Stroppa getting the second goal.


In 2002 he joined Alzano Virescit, from near Bergamo, in C1. The Bianconeri were relegated under two different managers, Giampaolo Rossi and Davide Roncaglia. Stroppa played 25 league games with 5 goals. The club then went bust.


In 2003-04 he played a season with Avellino in Serie B. The Irpini were relegated under Zdenek Zeman. Stroppa played 33 league games with 1 goal.


In 2004-05 he had a season back at Foggia in Serie C1. The manager was first, former Roma midfielder Giuseppe Giannini and then Massimo Morgia. The Rossoneri finished 10th and Stroppa only played 9 league games with 1 goal as in January he left and joined Chiari near Brescia.


This would be his last club and season. Chiari played at regional level and Stroppa played 7 league games 2 goals.


He then retired at 33.


Stroppa won 4 caps for Italy in 1993-94 when he was at Foggia. He also played 7 games for the U21's with 3 goals and winning a European Championship bronze in 1990.


After retiring Stroppa started a coaching career. His first job was with Südtirol in Serie D and the "Rot-Weiß" (Red and Whites) finished 7th.


From August 2012 to November he had a spell at Pescara in Serie A but he resigned after 3 wins, 2 draws and 8 defeats in the league. His successor was Lazio legend, Cristiano Bergodi.


From August 2013 to December he was with Spezia in Serie B. He was replaced after 6 wins, 6 defeats and 6 defeats in the league.


In April 2014 he went back to Südtirol in Lega Pro (3rd tier) and stayed on the following year, finishing 10th.


In 2016 he returned to Foggia as manager in Lega Pro. He won promotion back to Serie B and then finished 9th in B the following year.


In 2018 he joined Crotone in Serie B. He was sacked after 9 games but was called back from the 19th game onwards. Crotone finished 12th. The following year the "Squali" (The Sharks) won promotion to Serie A for the second time in their history. In 2020-21 he was sacked in March, after only 3 league wins, and the Pitagorici were eventually relegated.


In 2021 he returned to Monza in Serie B as manager. He managed to get the Brianzoli promoted but was sacked the following season after 6 winless league games.


He is currently at Cremonese in Serie B. The Grigiorossi have promotion ambitions.


Stoppa was an attacking midfielder. He could play in several roles, he started as an attacking midfielder or supporting striker but also played as a winger, central midfielder and at the end of his career as a deep lying playmaker. He was a dynamic and extremely talented player. He was creative and skilful and known for his ability to set up goal scoring chances for his attacking partners.


He played 242 games in Serie A with 24 goals. He won a European Cup, 3 European Supercups, 2 Intercontinental Cups and 1 Italian Supercoppa.


At Lazio he stayed two seasons. He played a total of 58 games with 6 goals. He was an exciting and popular player, then with the arrival of Paul Gascoigne he got less space and moved on but Laziali have positive memories of him.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Coppa Italia


33 (5)

30 (4)

3 (1)


25 (1)

20 (1)



58 (6)

50 (5)

8 (1)



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