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What happened in Serie A 1983-84

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The 1982-83 scudetto had been won by Roma. A deserved win with a good team led by Brazilian Roberto Falcao in defence and midfield, Carlo Ancelotti, Agostino Di Bartolomei and Herbert Prohaska in midfield, Bruno Conti on the wing and Roberto Pruzzo in attack. The manager was Swedish Nils Liedholm.


The top six were Roma, Juventus, Inter, Verona, Fiorentina and Udinese.


This season Milan and Lazio were back up. The team to beat were obviously reigning champions Roma but Juventus were expected to push them hard and Fiorentina and Inter were fancied too.


Here are the main changes to the squads for the upcoming season. We will take into account the top six plus Milan (see here for Lazio).



Liedholm obviously stayed on as manager but the Giallorossi made a few changes.


Arriving in the capital were: defender Emiliano Oddi (Verona), midfielder Toninho Cerezo (Atlético Mineiro) and forward Francesco Graziani (Fiorentina).

Leaving were: defender Pietro Vierchowod (Sampdoria - end of loan), midfielder Herbert Prohaska (Austria Vienna) and forward Maurizio Iorio (Verona). 


The Lupi had the European Cup too and the team looked pretty similar to the previous year.



Juventus had finished 2nd and surprisingly lost the European Cup final to Hamburger SV 0-1. Giovanni Trapattoni was confirmed as manager.


Arriving were: goalkeeper Stefano Tacconi (Avellino), defender Nicola Caricola (Bari), midfielder Beniamino Vignola (Avellino) and forward Domenico Penzo (Verona). 

Leaving were: legendary goalkeeper Dino Zoff (retiring after 479 matches), midfielder Domenico Marocchino (Sampdoria), forwards Roberto Bettega (Toronto Blizzard after 490 matches) and Giuseppe Galderisi (Verona).


A first season without Zoff but Tacconi was a highly rated keeper and Bettega had left in May anyway so his departure had already been metabolised.



The 3rd placed team had changed managers from Rino Marchesi to Luigi Radice. The Nerazzurri had not been very active on the transfer market. 


Arriving were: midfielder Ludo Coeck (Anderlecht), midfielder Giancarlo Pasinato (Milan - back from loan) and forward Aldo Serena (Milan - back from loan).

Leaving were goalkeeper Ivano Bordon (Bologna after 388 matches), midfielder Gabriele Oriali (Fiorentina after 398 matches) and forward Juary (Ascoli).


So few changes but some popular players leaving. 



The Gialloblu had finished a positive 4th and reached the final of Coppa Italia. They kept on their manager Osvaldo Bagnoli but had been quite active on the market.


Arriving in Verona were: defenders Marco Ferroni (Sampdoria), Massimo Storgato (Juventus - on loan), Silvano Fontolan (Como), midfielder Luciano Bruni (Reggiana), forwards Giuseppe Galderisi  (Juventus), Maurizio Iorio (Roma) and Joe Jordan (Milan). 

Leaving were: defenders Adriano Fedele (Pordenone), Emidio Oddi (Roma), Luciano Spinosi (Milan), midfielders Dirceu (Napoli), Luigi Manueli (Alessandria), forward Domenico Penzo (Juventus). 


The Scaligeri had lost their top scorer Penzo but brought in two valid replacements.



5th place Fiorentina had confirmed Giancarlo De Sisti as manager but had a mainly unchanged squad.


Arriving were: midfielders Gabriele Oriali (Inter), Pasquale Iachini (Genoa), forwards Paolo Monelli (Ascoli - back from loan) and Paolo Pulici (Udinese).

Leaving were: midfielders Andrea Manzo (Milan) and Patrizio Sala (Pisa) plus forward Francesco Graziani (Roma).


A similar level squad plus World Champion Oriali.



The 6th placed Friulani had confirmed manager Enzo Ferrari. The Bianconeri had made a few changes to the squad. 


Arriving were: goalkeeper Fausto Brini (Ascoli), defender Luigi De Agostini (Catanzaro - back from loan), midfielders Loris Dominissini (Pordenone), Alberto Marchetti (Cagliari) and forward Loris Pradella (Monza). The main signing however was Brazilian star Zico (Flamengo).

Leaving were: goalkeeper Roberto Corti (Ascoli), Vincenzo Chiarenza  (Lazio - end of loan), midfielder Angelo Orazi (Campania), forward Giorgio De Giorgis (Triestina), Paolo Pulici (Fiorentina) and Ivica Šurjak (Real Zaragoza).


So great excitement in Udine for Zico with 27,000 season tickets sold.



Newly promoted as Serie B winners the Rossoneri had confirmed Ilario Castagner as manager.


Arriving were: defenders Filippo Galli (Pescara), Eric Gerets (Standard Liege), Luciano Spinosi (Verona), midfielder Andrea Manzo (Fiorentina) and forward Luther Blissett (Watford).

Leaving were: defender Nazzareno Canuti (Inter - end of loan), midfielders Stefano Cuoghi (Modena), Tiziano Manfrin (Pistoiese), Giancarlo Pasinato (Inter - end of loan), Francesco Romano (Triestina) plus forwards Joe Jordan (Verona) and Aldo Serena (Inter - end of loan).


Not much apparent improvement and this was Serie A.




Before the start of the campionato there was the Coppa Italia. 48 teams participated (16 of Serie A, 20 of Serie B and 12 of Serie C) divided into 8 groups. The first two went through. Four games were played in August.

The teams that qualified for the round of 16 (to be played in February) were: Sampdoria, Triestina, Juventus, Bari, Udinese, Varese, Cesena, Avellino, Roma, Milan, Torino, Vicenza, Verona, Reggiana, Ascoli and Fiorentina.



In Serie A Roma started their title defence well winning all three. Juventus won 7-0 on debut against Ascoli but then dropped a point at Pisa. The two Milanese struggled, Milan were destroyed 4-0 by Avellino and Inter 3-0 by Lazio. Zico effect was working so far and Fiorentina on form.



Roma 6, Juventus 5, Udinese 4, Fiorentina 4, Verona, 4, Avellino 4, Torino 4, Lazio 3, Sampdoria 3, Catania 2, Milan 2, Ascoli 2, Genoa 2, Inter 1, Pisa 1, Napoli 1.



In the first round of the European Cup, Roma eliminated Gothenburg 4-2 on aggregate. In the first round of the Cup Winners Cup Juventus hammered Lechia Gdansk 10-2 on aggregate and would now face Paris Saint Germain. In the UEFA Cup, Verona and Inter eliminated Red Star Belgrade and Trabzonspor 4-2 and 2-1 respectively. Next up for them were Sturm Graz and Groningen.


In Serie A


Roma's first defeat (Torino) but then won derby and stayed top as Juventus lost their derby and again at home to Sampdoria. Verona the surprise in 2nd place, also beating Fiorentina 3-1 in leading positions' clash. Lazio started to struggle with one point in four games.



Roma 12, Verona, 11, Juventus 9, Torino 9, Fiorentina 8, Avellino 8, Milan 8, Udinese 7, Sampdoria 6, Ascoli 6, Catania 5, Inter 5, Genoa 5, Napoli 5, Lazio 4, Pisa 4



In the second round of the European Cup, Roma beat CSKA Sofia 1-0 away from home. They had a good chance to go through to the quarter finals as Juventus in the Cup Winners Cup, drawing 2-2 in Paris with P.S.G. Inter lost 0-2 away to Groningen in the second round of the UEFA Cup and Verona drew 2-2 at home with Sturm Graz. A difficult task ahead of them if they wanted to qualify for the quarter finals.



In Serie A


Roma lost top spot, losing away at Udine and Inter and then drawing at home to Ascoli. Juventus beat Verona 3-1, earned five points and took lead with Verona who continued to do well. Inter won derby 2-0. Torino and Sampdoria pushed up table, the Blucerchiati also won the Genoese derby. Lazio won two out of three and rose out of relegation zone.



Juventus 14, Verona 14, Roma 13, Torino 13, Fiorentina 12, Sampdoria 12, Udinese 10, Inter 10, Milan 10, Ascoli 9, Avellino 8, Lazio 8, Napoli 8, Pisa 7, Genoa 7, Catania 5



Roma won the second leg of the European Cup again 1-0. The would go on to play BFC Dynamo in the quarter finals in March. Juventus drew 0-0 against PSG and went through on away goals. Next up was Haka from Finland. In the UEFA Cup Verona could not do better than a goalless match in Graz and were eliminated. Inter however won 5-1 and would face Austria Vienna in March.



The big match Juventus-Roma ended up 2-2. All front runners dropped points, Juve drew at Udine, Roma in Florence while Verona lost two and drew two and dropped back. Torino kept up, beating Milan away and Sampdoria at home. Lazio back in B zone with one point out of eight.



Juventus 20, Roma 19, Torino 19, Sampdoria 17, Fiorentina 16, Verona 16, Udinese 15, Milan 15, Inter 15, Ascoli 14, Genoa 11, Napoli 11, Avellino 10, Pisa 10, Lazio 9, Catania 7



Verona picked up and beat Roma 1-0. Juventus stayed top with two wins and two draws. Torino kept up challenge despite losing 1-4 in Florence. Zico's Udinese climbed table with seven points. Lazio got an away point against Inter and beat Genoa 2-1 at home in a crucial relegation clash.



Juventus 26, Torino 24, Fiorentina 23, Udinese 22, Verona 22, Roma 22, Sampdoria 20, Milan 20, Inter 19, Ascoli 17, Napoli 15, Lazio 13, Pisa 13, Avellino 12, Genoa 12, Catania 8



Roma beat Torino 2-1 and Verona beat Udinese 2-1 in high table matches. Torino faltered again losing derby 1-2. Juventus had biggest point cushion so far +4 while Roma rose to 2nd place and Inter improved. At the bottom Catania already looked doomed, Genoa in trouble, Napoli were risking big time while Lazio clinched important 2-1 home win against Sampdoria and drew derby 2-2 in ten men.



Juventus 32, Roma 27, Fiorentina 26, Torino 26, Inter 24, Udinese 24, Milan 22, Ascoli 21, Sampdoria 21, Pisa 17, Lazio 16, Napoli 16, Avellino 16, Genoa 13, Catania 9.


In Coppa Italia, Verona, Fiorentina, Bari (who eliminated Juventus), Roma, Sampdoria, Udinese, Torino and Milan all qualified for the quarter finals which would be played in June.



In Serie A


Juventus' lead was cut to three points. The Bianconeri lost 1-2 in Verona and drew away Sampdoria while Roma won in Naples, thrashed Udinese 4-1 (Zico got injured and was out for 5 games) but dropped a point at Ascoli. Fiorentina still 3rd beating Verona 2-0. The Milanese derby ended goalless. Lazio got their monthly vital win defeating Torino 1-0 at home. At the bottom a big step towards survival for Avellino while Catania were practically gonners.



Juventus 35, Roma 32, Fiorentina 31, Torino 29, Verona 28, Inter 28, Udinese 27, Milan 25, Ascoli 24, Sampdoria 23, Avellino 21, Lazio 19, Napoli 19, Pisa 18, Genoa 15, Catania 10



In the European Cup quarter finals, Roma crushed BFC Dynamo 3-0 at home so their 1-2 defeat in Berlin was harmless. They would now meet Dundee United in the semifinals. Juventus eliminated Finnish side Haka (2-0 on aggregate) and would now face Manchester United in the semis. Inter lost 2-1 in the first leg of the UEFA Cup quarter finals against Austria Vienna and at home could go no further than a 1-1 draw, so were eliminated.



In Serie A


The big Scudetto match Roma -Juventus ended up goalless, suiting the Bianconeri fine who now could cruise towards the title. Juve then gained another point as Roma were held 2-2 at Avellino. The teams behind slowed down while further down it was very tight. Lazio's monthly win (Napoli 3-2) was not enough to avoid them being joint third bottom with a revived Genoa, with two games to go. It would be down to fine details and possibly goal difference in direct matches.



Juventus 42, Roma 38, Fiorentina 34, Verona 32, Udinese 31, Torino 31, Inter 31, Ascoli 29, Sampdoria 28, Milan 28, Avellino 24, Napoli 24, Genoa 22, Lazio 22, Pisa 21, Catania 11



Roma lost the first leg of the European Cup semi final 2-0 in Dundee but managed to overturn the result by winning 3-0 at home. They would now play in the final in Rome against Liverpool who eliminated Dinamo Bucharest 3-1 on aggregate. Juventus also managed to reach the final, of the Cup Winners Cup, by beating Man United 3-2 on aggregate, thanks to a last second goal from Paolo Rossi. They would now face Porto, who eliminated Aberdeen, in the final in Basel.


In Serie A 


Juventus were proclaimed Champions in the penultimate game drawing 1-1 at home to Avellino. Roma drew at Catania, beat Verona and finished 2nd. Fiorentina closed their positive season with two draws and 3rd place. Inter with a late surge finished 4th. It was a dramatic climax down the bottom. Lazio beat Ascoli 2-1 at home, Genoa earned an away point in Florence but Pisa lost in Milan and were down. So it was the last match that decided the third team to fall between Genoa and Lazio. Genoa beat an already satisfied Juventus but Lazio clinched an away point at still battling Pisa, drawing 2-2. On the same points, 25 each, Lazio stayed up thanks to the 0-0 away draw against Genoa in September and the 2-1 home win in January.


Final table

Juventus 43, Roma 41, Fiorentina 36, Inter 35, Torino 33, Verona 32, Sampdoria 32, Milan 32, Udinese 31, Ascoli 29, Avellino 26, Napoli 26, Lazio 25, Genoa 25, Pisa 22, Catania 12



Roma lost the European Cup final at "home". After the end of extra time the score was 1-1 and Liverpool then prevailed on penalties.

Juventus on the other hand won the Cup Winners Cup by beating Porto 2-1 in the final.



In Coppa Italia Bari continued their good run eliminating Fiorentina, and played Verona in the semis. The other semifinal was between Roma, who beat Milan after extra time, and Torino. In the semis, Roma and Verona dominated their opponents and met in the final. The Giallorossi then won the Cup 2-1 on aggregate.


Scudetto - Juventus

Coppa Italia - Roma

Relegation - Catania, Pisa, Genoa

Promotion - Atalanta, Como, Cremonese

Top scorer - Michel Platini 20 goals

European Cup Qualifier - Juventus 

Cup Winners Cup Qualifier - Roma

UEFA Cup Qualifiers - Fiorentina and Inter


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