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Transfers 1983-84

Updated: Jan 1

The previous season Lazio had finally won promotion back to Serie A after three difficult years in Serie B. With Bruno Giordano and Lionello Manfredonia back from their Totonero match fixing bans and led by first Roberto Clagluna and then Giancarlo Morrone, the Biancocelesti had clinched a return to the big time finishing 2nd. Top scorer had obviously been Giordano with 21 goals (18 in B).


The other major news in the Lazio world was the acquisition of the club by legendary scudetto centre-forward, Giorgio "Long John" Chinaglia. Giorgione came back to his beloved Lazio with promises of wealthy partners and better times for the long-suffering Lazio fans.


For the moment the Laziali were content with just being back in the big time and having Chinaglia back. The chant "Giorgio Chinaglia, il grido di battaglia" (Giorgio Chinaglia, the battle cry) was proudly sung again.


Chinaglia confirmed Morrone as manager and brought in some of his former contacts:

Felice Pulici - General Manager

Bob Lovati -Technical Director

Nello Governato - Sports Director

Renato Ziaco - Physio


There were several novelties in the squad too.



Mauro Della Martira - defender, 32. He had spent five years at Fiorentina and the last two with Perugia. A strange signing but would bring some experience.


Daniele Filisetti - defender, 24. An interesting full-back who came from Atalanta where he had played 141 games over six seasons.


Massimo Piscedda - defender, 21. Lazio fan and formed in the youth sector he came back after two one-year loan spells at Siena and Sanremese. A player for the future.


Joao Batista - midfielder, 28. A biggish international name, he had played 38 times for Brazil. He was signed from Palmeiras and the fans were excited about his arrival.


Angelo Cupini - midfielder, 25. A versatile and energetic player, he arrived after two good seasons with Cavese in Serie B.


Rinaldo Piraccini - midfielder, 24. A useful backup midfielder, he was signed from Pistoiese.


Claudio Vinazzani - midfielder, 29. A solid player, he had seven good seasons with Napoli where he played 188 league games over seven seasons.


Michael Laudrup - forward, 20. A young but extremely promising player arrived from Juventus on loan. The Bianconeri had just bought him from Brøndby where he had scored 24 league goals in one season.


Mario Piga - midfielder, 27. A small dynamic player, he came from Perugia but had previously played 128 league games for Avellino.


Batista and Laudrup were Lazio's first foreigners since the "borders were closed", following Italy's disastrous 1966 World Cup campaign. Apart from these "exotic" signings there did not seem anything to get particularly excited about.


There were more players leaving than arriving.

Maurizio Moscatelli - goalkeeper, 28. He had been a big buy three years earlier but a serious injury had hindered his stay at Lazio and basically his whole career. He signed for Cavese in Serie B. 30 total appearances with the Biancocelesti.


Ernesto Calisti - defender, 18. A promising local talent, he was off to Cavese to gain some experience.


Carlo Perrone - defender, 22. Lazio had groomed and placed great hopes on him but he had not lived up to expectations and joining Roma in '81-'82 meant the fans would not particularly miss him. He joined Ascoli in Serie A after 83 appearances with the Biancocelesti. 


Paolo Pochesci - defender, 22. Another home grown lad who had not blossomed. He was off to Ascoli. He played 82 times for Lazio with 3 goals.


Marco Saltarelli - defender, 21. He was at Lazio for one season and had performed well but possibly not considered ready for top level, he was sold to Monza in Serie B. He had made 30 appearances last season. 


Roberto Badiani - midfielder, 33. A long serving player, over two spells ('74-'79 and '81-'83) he was having one last season with Vigor Senigallia in C2. He had made 226 appearances with Lazio with 7 goals.


Michele De Nadai - midfielder, 29. After four years with Roma and two with Lazio he was leaving the capital to play for Pistoiese in Serie B. 57 appearances with the Biancocelesti and seven goals.


Maurizio Montesi - midfielder, 26. An unlucky and controversial player. He had broken his leg twice and was forced to retire after 37 games with Lazio. He was also a whistle blower on the Totonero scandal. A politicized, cultured man with a social conscience maybe not cut out for the football world but unlucky all the same.


Roberto Tavola - midfielder, 26. After a disappointing year on loan with 25 appearances he was going back to Juventus.


Claudio Ambu - forward, 25. A decent forward but not a goal scorer he was joining Monza in Serie B after only one season in Rome with 31 appearances and 4 goals.


Stefano Chiodi - forward, 26. After two poor spells ('80-81, '82-83), 40 appearances, 6 goals, and a crucial penalty miss he was joining Prato in Serie C1.


Leonardo Surro - forward, 29. Not considered Serie A material he was leaving for Siena in C1. He played 29 times for Lazio with 2 goals.


In the Autumn session in two more players left:


Vincenzo Chiarenza - defender, 28. He was owned by Lazio but had played with Udinese the previous season. He was now joining Triestina in Serie B. He had played 54 games for the Biancocelesti with one goal.


Enrico Vella - midfielder, 26. Immensely popular player was sadly leaving after only one season. He had played 52 games and scored 6 goals, playing a huge part in Lazio's promotion. He joined Atalanta in Serie B, a pity.










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