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Aldo Nicoli

Aldo Nicoli was an unlucky midfield player who had plenty of talent but whose career was cut short due a very serious injury.

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He was born in Bologna on November 24 1953 and started his career in the Inter youth teams. He debuted in Serie A in 1973 and was a first choice player in the 1974-75 season where he played 26 games out of 30.

Instead of being confirmed he was sold to Foggia in Serie B. The Satanelli immediately got promoted to Serie A in his first year and he stayed until 1978 when he was signed by Lazio. He struggled at first with the Biancocelesti due to an injury in pre-season training but he gradually became increasingly valued and turned into one of the most important players of Bob Lovati’s team.

That year marked his career as a football player. He scored the winning goal in a derby two minutes from the end, but on May 6 he suffered a very bad injury at Perugia. He was never the same again. In the 1979-80 season he only played five league games and none at all the year after. In 1981 he moved to Pescara in Serie B to try and make a comeback but had to call it a day and stop playing at the end of the season at just 28 years of age.

After managing the Milan women’s team in the 1990s and winning a scudetto, he became an entrepreneur.

The Lazio fans never forgot him. “In all these years the Lazio fans have always shown me all their affection, both in official circumstances, but also in the more improbable places such as on holiday, abroad, in airports and restaurants”, he said in a recent interview.

He played 31 games for Lazio, 26 in Serie A and 5 in Coppa Italia. He scored against Roma in the derby and also against Napoli in the match where Lazio were awarded the win after a firework exploded near Lionello Manfredonia and Dario Pighin who both had to be taken to hospital.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Coppa Italia


25 (1)

21 (1)







31 (1)

26 (1)




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