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Angelo Cupini

One of the protagonists of Lazio’s 1983-1984 season was certainly Angelo Cupini. Generous, tough and dynamic, Cupini stayed for only a year but is still remembered with affection.

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Born in Ortonovo on September 18, 1958, Cupini started his footballing career in the youth team of Carrarese and played his first professional seasons in Serie D and C2. In 1978 he moved to Udinese in Serie A but his rise to Serie A glory was short-lived since the next year he was back in Serie B with Vicenza. He was not there for long and after 5 games in the autumn transfer window he was back where he started at Carrara.

In 1981 he signed for Cavese in Serie B where he began to show his qualities. Giorgio Chinaglia bought him in 1983 and he played 29 games for Lazio in the dramatic 1983-84 season. He scored three goals: one against Inter, one against Udinese and the decisive goal against Ascoli in the final match at home which gave Lazio a crucial win, then needing just one more point in the last game to stay in Serie A.

Surprisingly, Lazio then sold him to Bari in Serie B where he stayed two years, the second in Serie A. He then moved back to Serie C1 and played for Padova, Prato and Arezzo before closing his career in Serie D with Pro Gorizia.

He later became a manager and worked in minor teams in the Friuli area.

He died, aged only 58, in Udine on September 13, 2017.

Appearances and goals for Lazio


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Coppa Italia


29 (3)

24 (3)




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