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Antonio Bisigato

Antonio Bisigato was born in Treviso, on July 27, 1911.

Source Lazio Wiki

He came through the Treviso youth set up and made it into the first team squad in 1927.

Between 1927 and 1931 he played for his hometown Biancocelesti. Treviso were in the old Prima Divisione (3rd tier). They finished 6th, 10th, 6th and 4th. Bisigato played 85 league games with 41 goals.

In 1931 he moved south to Bari in Serie A. The manager was Hungarian Árpád Weisz and the "Galletti" finished 16th. Bisigato played 32 league games and was their top scorer with 14 goals.

In 1932 Bisigato joined Lazio. The manager was Austrian Jarl Stürmer and Lazio finished 10th. The Biancocelesti won a derby, beat eventual champions Juventus and Milan at home plus Ambrosiana-Inter away. Bisigato played 22 league games and scored 6 goals (Inter x2 in away win, Alessandria x2, Padova home and away).

In 1933-34 Lazio finished 10th again. They beat eventual champions Milan 4-0 at home and drew 3-3 against Roma after being 0-3 down. Bisigato only played 5 league games as he played more often for Lazio II reserves, 14 games with 9 goals.

In 1934-35 Lazio did better, under Czech Walter Alt, finishing 5th. The Biancocelesti beat eventual champions Juventus 5-3, Inter 4-2 and drew both derbies. Bisigato played 29 league games with 5 goals (Livorno, Alessandria, Pro Vercelli x2, Torino).

In 1935-36, under Alt for 27 games and then József Viola, Lazio finished 7th. The highlight was beating Juventus 3-0 at home and winning a Coppa Italia derby 2-1. Bisigato played 16 league games with 2 goals (Genova 1893, Torino) and 1 game in Coppa Italia.

In 1936 he left the capital and joined Ambrosiana Inter. He stayed two seasons under manager Armando Castellazzi. In the first the Nerazzurri finished 7th and Bisigato played 21 league games with 3 goals. In his second Inter won the Scudetto, although Bisigato only played 2 league games.

In 1938 he joined Venezia for two seasons. In the first the Lagunari were promoted to Serie A, under Luigi Barbesino (1-23) and then Giuseppe Girani (24-34). In his second, in Serie A under Girani, the "Leoni Alati" (The Winged Lions) finished 10th. Bisigato only played a total of 12 league games on the lagoon.

In 1940 he returned home to Treviso in Serie C. He stayed three seasons, the last as player-manager. The Biancocelesti finished 4th, 5th and 2nd. Bisigato made 43 league appearances and scored 16 goals.

In 1943 he retired but stayed on in Treviso as manager until 1946. This period was obviously affected by the war but in 1945-46 Treviso finished 6th and qualified for the following year's Serie B.

Bisigato reappeared as Treviso manager in 1949 in C1 and won the league. He stayed another year in Serie B, finishing 15th. The following year Nereo Rocco arrived as manager and Bisigato became Technical Director.

Bisigato was a forward. He won a Scudetto with Ambrosiana- Inter and scored 30 career goals in Serie A.

At Lazio he stayed four seasons, playing 73 games and scoring 13 goals. They were relatively stable years for Lazio and he was involved in some good wins, contributing with a brace in a 2-1 away victory at Inter and a goal in another away win at Torino.

Antonio Bisigato died in Treviso on March 16, 1965.

Lazio career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Coppa Italia


22 (6)

22 (6)







29 (5)

29 (5)



17 (2)

16 (2)



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