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Antonio Rizzolo

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Antonio Rizzolo was born in Orvieto on April 22, 1969.

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He grew up at Lazio and played in all of the various youth teams. Thanks to his goals the Biancocelesti won the 1986-87 Primavera championship. He debuted in Serie B on March 22 1987 in the game lost against Catania. It was the legendary -9 season and he made five appearances. He was also on the bench for the famous games against Vicenza, when Giuliano Fiorini scored the winning goal seven minutes from the end saving Lazio from Serie C, and in the playoff against Campobasso when Fabio Poli scored the winning goal.


In 1987-88 he made more appearances, 14. The Biancocelesti had signed Paolo Monelli and Giuseppe Galderisi as forwards, but the latter went into a scoring drought and lost his place. Rizzolo was promoted and scored 3 goals in the last five games (Udinese, Brescia and Parma).


His career was launched and in the first Serie A games of 1988-89 he was doing so well that pundits started speaking of Nazionale for him. He scored against Napoli and a brace at home vs Verona. But then he stopped. He was not helped by a relatively weak team but his contribution was minimal. At the end of the season he was sold to Pescara and for the rest of his career rarely stayed more than a season with a team. After Pescara he signed for Atalanta but played just one game before leaving for Padova. Then a year at Palermo, Lecce (on loan), two seasons back in Sicily, Reggiana, Ascoli, Ternana, Albacete in Spain, Avellino and later on Sestrese, Lecco, Pisa, Latina and finished his career with Cisco Roma and Monterotondo. Many Serie B teams and later on Serie C to finish in Serie D.


He made one appearance for Italy U20 (one goal) and three with the Under-21s (one goal).


Once he stopped playing, he became a manager coaching youth teams of Arezzo and Ascoli and was assistant to Angelo Gregucci at Alessandria and Salernitana. In 2019 he was manager of the Salernitana Primavera and in 2021-22 of Sampdoria under 18s.


Rizzolo looked as if he would be the Lazio centre forward for years, but it did not work out. The talent was there though.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Serie B

Coppa Italia







15 (3)

14 (3)



30 (5)

23 (3)


5 (2)


50 (8)

23 (3)

19 (3)

6 (2)



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