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Aroldo Vaccari

Aroldo Vaccari was born on September 13, 1908, in Modena.

Source Lazio Wiki

He started his professional career in his home town and in 1928 signed for Lazio. He did not play much, just four appearances and one goal (though some sources claimed he played and scored in one other match). Ignored by the three previous managers that season (Franz Sedlacek, Fernando Saraceni and Augusto Rangone), when Ferenc Molnar became head coach, he started playing and Lazio benefitted enormously since they won 5, lost one and drew two, including the playoff against Napoli for the eighth place needed to start the 1929-30 season in the new Serie A.

In 1929 he left and joined Parma in the new Serie B. He played regularly and was top scorer with 12 goals that season. The next season he stood out again with 8 goals.

His last two years of active football were with Padova and Carpi but he played very little, just eight appearances in two seasons. But Padova did get promoted to Serie A, arriving second in Serie B.

Vaccari may not have had an outstanding career, but his opening goal against Reggiana was important in giving Lazio a fundamental victory.

Lazio career


Total National Division appearances (goals)


4 (1)



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