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Lazio cynical and ruthless

Updated: Jun 6

Season 1912-13

Game 6, National Championship, Lazio Group

Sunday, December 8, 1912

Stadio Nazionale, Rome

Audace Esperia Lazio 2-6

Another win for Lazio in the Regional Group for the 1912-13 title. Despite great pressure from fellow Rome team Audace Esperia, Lazio controlled the match and produced a great performance.

Source Wikipedia

Today’s game was the first match of the second half of the regular season.

Audace Esperia, who had lost 5-0 against Lazio in the first half of the season, were determined to win and started positively, opening the score with Galassi I after only five minutes. It did not last long. Lazio equalised thanks to Emilio Folpini, able to convert a good cross from Corrado Corelli. Marcello Consiglio then scored in the 28th minute but the referee mysteriously disallowed it. However the 2-1 for Lazio was on its way. Consiglio put the ball into the net two minutes from half time, following a scramble in the Audace penalty box.

After just four minutes of the second half Consiglio scored again with a volley on the rebound after a Folpini post. Galassi II made it 3-2 in the 61st minute but Lazio then took no more risks and scored three more goals in 11 minutes: in the 64th Correlli took advantage of an Augusto Faccani pass, 7 minutes later Folpini made it 5 for Lazio with an assist from Carlo Maranghi and three minutes later Folpini again took advantage of yet another defensive blunder taking the score to 6-2.

Who played for Audace Esperia

Pellizzari, Caroncino, Del Corona, Marchetti, Galassi (I), Romani (II), Galassi (II), Galassi (III), Cerchia, Gorreni, Fulignotti

Who played for Lazio

Levi I, Maranghi, Donati, Faccani, Fioranti, Zucchi II, Corelli, Folpini, Consiglio, Saraceni I, Coraggio

Manager: Baccani

Referee: Modena

Goals: 5’ Galassi I, 9’ Folpini, 43’ Consiglio, 49’ Consiglio, 61’ Galassi II, 64’ C. Corelli, 71’ Folpini, 75’ Folpini.



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