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Bruno Camolese

Bruno Camolese was born in Perarolo di Cadore (Belluno), on December 27, 1914.

Bruno Camolese is first from right standing. Source Wikipedia

He grew up in the Vicenza youth set up and made his debut for the first team in 1931.

The "Lane" were in Prima Divisione (3rd tier) and finished 8th under Hungarian Imre János Bekey. The following year they came top of their group and then second in the final group but were promoted to Serie B due to a change in format. In 1933-34 Vicenza came 12th in their Serie B group under another Hungarian, Otto Krappan, and should have been relegated but were saved, again to a change in format. In 1934-35 Vicenza were finally relegated to Serie C under future Lazio József Viola and Camolese left. He played 86 league games for the "Berici" and scored 39 goals.

In 1935 he joined Lazio in Serie A. The manager was Czech Walter Alt but after 27 games József Viola arrived. The Biancocelesti finished 7th and Camolese played 19 league games with 3 goals (Alessandria, Brescia, Napoli) and 2 in Coppa Italia with 1 goal (Roma in 2-1 win).

In 1936-37 Lazio had a superb season and finished 2nd. They also reached the Central European Cup final but lost to Ferencváros 6-9 on aggregate. Camolese played 30 league games with 4 goals (Novara, Ambrosiana Inter, Alessandria x2) plus 5 in the CEC with 1 goal (Ferencváros).

In 1937-38 Lazio finished 8th. Camolese played 26 league games with 6 goals (Genova x2, Bari, Lucchese, Roma, Liguria) plus 1 game in Coppa Italia.

In 1938-39 Viola was replaced by Luigi Allemandi after 19 games. The Biancocelesti finished 10th and Camolese finally won a league derby (2-0 in Testaccio). He played 23 league games with 2 goals (Modena, Lucchese) plus 1 game in Coppa Italia.

The 1939-40 season would be his last for now in Rome. The manager was Hungarian Géza Kertész and Lazio finished a good 4th. Camolese played less, 10 league games and 2 in Coppa Italia with 1 goal (Macerata). Lazio also won another league derby (1-0 at home).

In 1940 he returned to Vicenza in Serie B. The manager was first Pietro Spinato and then Eraldo Bedendo and the Biancorossi finished 6th. Camolese played 31 league games with 2 goals.

In 1941-42 he was back at Lazio. The Biancocelesti had a good season under Austrian Alexander Popovich and finished 5th but Camolese only played one league game.

In 1942-43 he was with Vicenza again in Serie A. The manager was Pietro Spinato and the "Nobile Provinciale" finished 12th. Camolese played 12 league games with 2 goals (Milan, Atalanta).

The war then brutally interrupted top football, though it continued at local level.

In 1945-46 Camolese was in Serie A Alta Italia with Vicenza, again beginning with Pietro Spinato and ending with Eraldo Bedendo. Vicenza finished 11th in their group and Camolese played 17 league games with 2 goals.

He then retired at the age of 31.

Camolese was an attacking midfielder who only played for two clubs, Vicenza and Lazio. He had a good club career with plenty of goals especially early on at Vicenza.

At Lazio he played 121 games with 18 goals. He was part of the team that achieved second place in 1937 and had five positive years on the Biancoceleste side of Rome.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Coppa Italia

Mitropa Cup


21 (4)

19 (3)

2 (1)



33 (5)

30 (4)




29 (7)

26 (6)


2 (1)


24 (2)

23 (2)




12 (1)


2 (1)








121 (18)

110 (15)

6 (2)

5 (1)



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