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Ettore Agazzani

Ettore Agazzani was born on September 19, 1902 in Albinea near Reggio Emilia.

Source Lazio Wiki

He was the first Reggiana goalkeeper since he was in goal when the club was founded in 1919. After a couple of years, he had to go to Rome in 1922 to do his military service and while he was there, he played for Lazio. When Fulvio Bernardini was moved to centre forward, Matteo Salineri took his place but soon he stopped playing in goal. As a consequence, it was then up to Agazzani.


It was a good year for the Biancocelesti as they managed to reach the national final, losing to a much stronger Genoa. Despite the defeat he was considered one of the best players on the pitch. In total, he made 19 appearances in the 1922-23 season.


When he finished his military service, he returned to Reggio Emilia and was one of the protagonists of Reggiana’s promotion to the first division.


He died in Reggio Emilia on September 1, 1989.

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