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Flavio Cecconi

Flavio Cecconi was born in Verona on February 27, 1923.

Source Wikipedia

He grew up in the Verona youth sector and made his debut for his hometown club in 1939 at only 16. He played for the Scaligeri (Scaligers from the Latinised de scalis- Della scala family who ruled Verona for 125 years) for seven years making 62 Serie A appearances with 13 goals.

The following year he spent at Maceratese in Serie C. Not a lot is known of his time there but a year later he signed for Lazio.

He made his debut for Lazio on February 8 1948 in Sampdoria-Lazio. He played 16 league games that season with 5 goals. He scored away at San Siro against Milan, at home against Genoa, Fiorentina and Sampdoria. His greatest moment though came in the away derby triumph against Roma. On April 21 1948 Cecconi scored Lazio’s opener in a 2-0 victory.

In the summer of 1948 he went to play for Atalanta for a year, making 19 appearances and scoring 3 times.

In 1949 he was back in Rome for Lazio. He would stay two seasons until 1951. Over the two years he played 42 league games and scored 12 goals. In his first season he scored winners against Genoa and Pro Patria plus a goal in the home win versus Bari. In his second year he scored again in the derby win (2-1) and in an away draw to Juventus (1-1) plus goals against Pro Patria (again), Udinese(home), Lucchese (away), Padova, Udinese (away)and Lucchese (home).

In 1951 he went south to Napoli but only made 3 league appearances (1 goal). In 1952 he played in Sicily for Palermo, 12 league and 3 goals. In 1953 he returned to his hometown of Verona and finally played more regularly, 25 league games and 3 goals. A year later however he changed clubs again and made 24 appearances scoring 1 goal for Pro Patria. He retired in 1955 at 32. He died in 2001 at 78.

At International level he earned one cap for the Italy B side in a 0-0 draw in Turkey.

His main successes had been with his local Gialloblu of Verona and of course Lazio. Cecconi was an attacking midfielder, a mezzala as they say in Italy. He played wide in central midfield and especially with Lazio had a reasonably high scoring rate. He made a total of 58 Serie A appearances with 17 goals.

In only 3 years he gave a good contribution at Lazio and scoring in a winning derby means eternal gratitude on the Biancoceleste side of Rome. He did that not once but twice.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Mitropa Cup


16 (5)

16 (5)



18 (3)

18 (3)



25 (9)

24 (9)



59 (17)





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