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Francesco Rier

Francesco Rier also known as Franco was born in Rovereto (Trento), on December 2, 1908.

Source Lazio Wiki

He started playing football with his local club Rovereto and then in 1927 joined Modena in the Divisione Nazionale (top flight). The manager was Giuseppe Forlivesi for the first three games and then Hungarian József Ging. The Canaries finished 5th in the B group. Rier played 19 league games with 6 goals.


In 1928 he joined Lazio. The Biancocelesti got through four different managers; Franz Sedlacek (1-3), Fernando Saraceni (4-14), Augusto Rangone (15-23) and finally Ferenc Molnár (24-34). The Eagles finished joint 8th with Napoli and went to a playoff to decide the last team to be admitted to the new 16-team Serie A (top 8 from each group). The match was drawn but then the Federation decided to extend the new format to 18 teams so both qualified. Rier played 13 league games with 2 goals (Venezia, Fiorentina) plus the playoff. There were no derbies as recently formed Roma were in the other group.


In 1929-30 therefore Lazio took part in the first single Serie A tournament. The manager was Molnár, then Pietro Piselli briefly and then Molnár again. Lazio finished 15th and Rier played 16 games with 6 goals (Bologna, Cremonese x3, Brescia, Modena).


In 1930 he moved back up north and joined Juventus for a season. The manager was Carlo Carcano and the Bianconeri won their third league title. Rier played 28 league games and scored 2 goals (Livorno, Modena).


In 1931 he went abroad and played for Servette in Switzerland for a year. In 1932 he moved to France and played for Nice for two seasons, the Red and Black Eagles finished 7th and 13th (relegated).


In 1934 Rier returned to Italy and joined Brescia in Serie A. The manager was Hungarian György Hlavay and the "Leonessa" finished 10th. Rier played 27 league games and scored 7 goals (the winner against Lazio…, Inter, Livorno x2, winner at San Siro against Milan, Torino x2).


In 1935-36 he stayed at Brescia but they were relegated under Umberto Calligaris. Rier played 20 league games with 2 goals (Milan, Alessandria).


In 1936 he moved to Sicily and joined Palermo in Serie B. He stayed three seasons. The Rosaneri (although the regime forced them to play in the red and yellow colours of Sicily) finished 7th three years in a row. His managers were Károly Csapkay the first year, Árpád Hajós in the second and Armand Halmos and then Ermenegildo Negri (breaking the Magyar rule) in the third. Rier played 56 league games with 8 goals (Venezia, Pro Vercelli, Novara, Pisa x2, Fanfulla, Salernitana x2).


He then spent one last season at Rovereto in the Prima Divisione Tridentina (4th tier). The Zebrette won their league but had to give up on promotion due to lack of funds.


At 31 he retired.


Rier was a midfielder. He started as a more attacking midfielder but from Juventus on then became more of a half-back. He won a Scudetto with the Bianconeri and played a total of 123 league games in Serie A (or top flight) with 25 goals, for Modena, Lazio, Juventus and Brescia.


At Lazio he played in the first ever single Serie A league and played a total of 29 games with 8 goals.

Francesco Rier died in Rovereto on May 5, 1991.

Lazio career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

National Division


13 (2)


13 (2)


16 (6)

16 (6)



29 (8)

16 (6)

13 (2)



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