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Giambattista Moschino

Giambattista Moschino was born in Vigevano (Lombardy), on March 28, 1938.

Source Lazio Wiki

He began his youth career at Novara in Piedmont. In 1955 he made his debut for the "Gaudenziani" (The Gaudentians) in Serie A. He stayed four seasons with the Azzurri and played 80 league games with 20 goals. The first was in Serie A but the next three in Serie B.

In 1959 he joined Torino in Serie B. The Granata were promoted, winning the league and Moschino played 13 league games and scored 2 goals (Cagliari, Parma). One of his teammates and captain was legendary future Italy coach Enzo Bearzot.

The following year in Serie A unfortunately Moschino was kept out for the whole season with a serious injury.

In 1961-62 he was back at Novara in Serie B. Moschino played 15 league games with 1 goal (Sambenedettese). Novara came 11th but were then relegated to C1 for accusations of fraud (made by a Sambenedettese player).

In the Autumn transfer session of 1962, he was loaned to Lazio in Serie B. At the same time a certain Gianmarco Calleri arrived from Monza. The Biancocelesti had a good season and were promoted to Serie A, first under Carlo Facchin (1-4) and then the Bob Lovati/ Juan Carlo Lorenzo duo (5-38). Moschino had a positive season with 20 league games and 5 goals (Cagliari, Brescia, Messina, Padova,Triestina).

In 1963-64 he was back at Torino. This time he stayed with "Toro" for seven seasons.

In his first three years he played under Nereo "El Paron" Rocco (who had won, and would win more, scudetti and European Cups with Milan). The legendary manager from Trieste a few years earlier, prior to a Padova- Juventus game, in reply to the phrase "Che vinca il migliore" (may the best team win), had coined the immortal answer "Sperèmo de no" (let's hope not). Torino came 7th, 3rd (plus European Cup Winners semi-finalists) and 7th.

In 1966-67 he played under Marino Bergamasco and Toro came 7th.

The next season under Edmondo Fabbri, the Granata again came 7th but won the Coppa Italia and both derbies (2-1, 4-0).

In 1967-68 Fabbri stayed on and Toro came 6th (plus Cup Winners Cup quarter finalists). He played alongside future Torino managers Aldo Agroppi and Emiliano Mondonico plus Bruno Bolchi.

The 1968-69 season would be his last in Turin. Under new manager Giancarlo Cadé, "Il Vecchio Cuore Granata" finished 7th.

Moschino was a regular first choice in his seven years under the Mole Antonelliana. He played 178 league games with 15 goals, 44 in Coppa Italia with 5 goals, 4 games in the Cup Winners Cup and 5 in the Alps Cup. So a grand total of 231 games with 20 goals (A- Brescia 4, Fiorentina 2, Lazio 2, Sampdoria 2, Vicenza, Roma, Atalanta, Mantova, Inter/CI- Reggiana, Catanzaro, Varese, Verona, Inter)

In 1970-71 he joined Verona. The Scaligeri, first under Renato Lucchi and then Ugo Pozzan (former Lazio player), came 11th in Serie A. Moschino only played 7 league games with 1 goal (Lazio) and 3 games in Coppa Italia.

In 1971-72 in the Autumn transfer session he returned to Lazio in Serie B. The Biancocelesti were looking for an experienced midfielder with good feet and Moschino was the man. Under new manager Tommaso Maestrelli, Lazio had a good season and won promotion. Moschino performed well, making 26 league appearances with 1 goal (Perugia).

He stayed on at Lazio for the 1972-73 season but with the arrival of Luciano Re Cecconi he only played 3 league games.

At 34, and having battled with knee problems for much of his career, Moschino retired.

He became a manager briefly. In 1973-74 he was coach at Reggina but was sacked after 19 matches. The Amaranto ended up being relegated to C1. He had an experience as sports director at Albese in Serie C in 1975-76. In 1983-84 he was assistant manager at Alessandria.

As a player Moschino was a talented left-footed midfielder. He was excellent tactically and as a midfield playmaker would dictate the rhythm, accelerating or slowing things down when needed. He was intelligent with great vision. The great Nereo Rocco (possibly the inventor of catenaccio) once described him as "a brain in the middle of the field and a footballing genius". In fact, many claim he deserved a call up by the national team when he was at his prime. He also possessed human and sportsman like qualities, once in a match between Torino and Pro Vecelli he involuntarily broke an opponent’s nose when going for a bicycle kick and abandoned the pitch himself he was so upset. On the Granata side of Turin he is considered one of the greats.

At Lazio he had two good seasons. He will be remembered for his positive contribution to the 1971 -72 promotion, with some of the players who only two years later would become immortal. Moschino was an integral part of the build-up, as without that promotion history could have been very different.

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20 (5)


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