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Gino Lamon

Gino Lamon was born in Castelfranco Veneto, on May 18, 1903.

Source Lazio Wiki

He was known as Lamon I as he had three younger brothers who all played football.

He started playing football with Giorgione between 1921-23.

In 1923 he joined Andrea Doria (a team from Genoa which would later merge into Sampdoria) in the first division B group. He played 17 games and scored 1 goal.

In 1924 he moved across town to Genoa in the first division group A. He played 13 games with 2 goals over two seasons. In 1925 the "Grifoni", who were reigning champions, lost the Scudetto final against Bologna.

In 1926 he joined Treviso in the first division group B. He made 18 appearances with 4 goals.

In 1927 he arrived in the capital to play for Lazio. In his first season, under Franz Sedlacek, Lazio came 10th in the A group but avoided relegation as the league format was to be expanded. Lamon scored 4 goals (including a brace against Milan) between League and Coppa Coni.

In 1928-29, under four different managers (Sedlacek, Fernando Saraceni, Augusto Rangone and Ferenc Molnár), Lazio finished 8th and gained access to the following year's first single Serie A competition. Lamon had a good season and scored 9 goals (including winners against Ambrosiana and Juventus).

In total in his two seasons with Lazio he played 38 games and scored 13 goals.

In 1929 he joined Padova in Serie A. The "Euganei" had an English manager Herbert Burgess but he was sacked after seven games and in came Aldo Fagiuoli. The "Patavini" however got relegated with 17th place. Lamon played 33 games and scored 8 goals (Brescia, Alessandria, Pro Patria, Livorno, Pro Vercelli x2, Juventus, Napoli).

In 1930 he returned to Lazio for a season. Lazio had a decent season and finished 8th. Managers came and went: Molnár to Cesare Migliorini to Amilcar. Lamon played 18 league games but with no goals.

In 1931 he joined Robur (Siena) in the first division (below Serie A). He played 15 games and scored 1 goal. Robur came 9th in the E group.

In 1932 he joined Serenissima (Venezia) in Serie B. The "Lagunari" (The Lagooners) finished 11th. Lamon played 25 games and scored 2 goals.

At 30 he retired. He returned to Rome where he opened a tailor's shop.

Lamon was a midfielder but could score goals, 28 in his career. He enjoyed good spells especially at Lazio where he scored winners against Juventus and Inter plus a brace against Milan. He also had the satisfaction of playing in the first ever Serie A in his year with Padova.

Gino Lamon died at 72 on May 15, 1975, in Castelfranco.

Lazio career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

National Division

Coppa Coni


20 (4)


13 (2)

7 (2)


25 (9)


25 (9)








63 (13)


38 (11)

7 (2)



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