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Italo Romagnoli

Italo Romagnoli, brother of Alfredo, also a footballer, was born in Pescara on February 21, 1916.

Italo Romagnoli is third from left standing. Source Wikipedia

He started playing football for Pescara and in 1935 signed for Fiorentina. After a year he moved slightly in Tuscany and played for Lucchese in Serie A for two seasons to then go to Naples and stay for another two years.


In 1940 he signed for Lazio. He stayed three years and was nicknamed “rubber ball” because of his acrobatic qualities. He was a great player and during his career played everywhere except in goal. At Lazio he did very well making 78 appearances in Serie A with 8 goals and 5 in Coppa Italia with 4 goals. He played alongside legends such as Silvio Piola, Enrique Flamini and Aldo Puccinelli.


During the war he played for Portici and was top scorer in the local war tournament. In 1945 he signed for Pescara and then closed his career in 1946-47 with another year at Napoli.


Once he stopped playing, he became a manager in the Campania region coaching Portici, Gladiator, Sorrento and Sessana. He was also a scout for many Serie A teams.


He died in Portici on July 25, 2009.

Lazio Career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

Coppa Italia


32 (6)

28 (2)

4 (4)






24 (2)

23 (2)



83 (8)

78 (4)

5 (4)



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