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Final of Coppa CONI still possible

Season 1927-28

Game 9, Coppa CONI,

Sunday July 8, 1928

Campo Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Livorno 2-1

The Biancocelesti beat Livorno and still have a glimmer of hope to reach the Coppa CONI final

Source Wikipedia

The Coppa Coni was a tournament that took place in 1926-27 and 1927-28 between the 14 teams that did not make it to the final round for the scudetto. In 1927 Alessandria beat Casale 3-2 on aggregate. Lazio were not present.

In 1928, there were supposed to be two groups of seven teams each, but Group B had only six due to the fact that Verona decided not to participate. Lazio was in Group B together with Modena, Pro Vercelli, Livorno, Reggiana and Padova.

Coming into this match Lazio were fourth on 9 points behind Pro Vercelli 10, Modena and Livorno 12. Since the team that would win the group would go onto the final, chances of Lazio getting there were rather slim. So far, the Biancocelesti had beaten Reggiana, Pro Vercelli, Padova and Modena (all home games), drawn at Reggio Emilia and lost the other away matches.

The game was rather chaotic, but Lazio managed to win due to constant attacking. Livorno defended well and managed to stay in the match mainly thanks to the saves of their goalkeeper Franco Lipizer.

Lazio went ahead in the 20th minute with a goal by Walter Marcacci and made it two in the 56th thanks to Carlo Cevenini V. Livorno pulled one back with Silvano Checcerini in the 75th minute.

Five minutes later Livorno equalised with Paolo Silvestri but the referee, perhaps in compensation for the big mistake in not giving Lazio a clear penalty, for a foul in the box on Cevenini V earlier, signalled offside.

With this result Lazio and thanks to Pro Vercelli’s 4-1 win against Modena, were only a point behind group leaders Modena, Pro Vercelli and Livorno with one game to go.

Who played for Lazio

Nicolini, Canestri, Bottacini, Marcacci, Pardini, Berti, Cevenini V, Paganini, Sanero, Cappa Fenili

Manager: Sedlacek

Who played for Livorno

Lipizer, Paolini, Innocenti III, Giraldi, Caimmi, Baldi, Checcherini, Alberti, Scioscia, Magnozzi, Silvestri

Manager: Piselli

Referee: Galli

Goals: 20’ Marcacci, 56’ Cevenini V, 75’ Checcherini



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