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Leonardo Surro

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Leonardo Surro played for Lazio from 1981 to 1983

Source Wikipedia

Leonardo Surro was born in Avellino, on September 4, 1962.

Surro's youth career was spent with local club Ariano and then Avellino.

In 1981, at the age of 19 he was signed by Lazio. His time in Rome would prove to be the peak of his career. He played a total of 26 Serie B games and 2 in Coppa Italia for the Biancocelesti over two years. He actively contributed to Lazio’s promotion back to Serie A in 1983 with a goal against Bologna (1-1) and a winner against Bari (1-0).

When Lazio returned to the top flight he was not confirmed and he spent the next year at Siena in C1 (30 games with 11 goals) but "The Robur" were relegated. He then spent two years in Serie B with Catanzaro (34 games with 5 goals). With Catanzaro he is famous for scoring a hat-trick in a Calabrese derby against Cosenza. The Giallorossi fans a few years ago remembered his feat with a banner " Cosenza sogna, Surro segna" (Cosenza dreams, Surro scores).

His career then took him to Siracusa (1 year-6 goals), Rondinella (1 year-4 goals), Cavese (1 year-2 goals), Pro Livorno (1 year-2 goals) and finally Rossanese after which he retired.

After retiring he worked as a talent scout for Inter, general director of Pompei and later for the Avellino youth sector. He is currently President of A.S.D Leonardo Surro, a club founded in 1993 as F.C Ariano and in 2010 changed to its present name.

Surro was a forward. At 1.76 metres and 68 kilos he was an agile and dynamic player. He had an honest career in the Italian lower divisions. He is fondly remembered at Catanzaro but his peak was obviously at Lazio in the promotion year. Without his two goals worth two decisive points, who knows, Lazio's history may have been quite different.

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Total appearances (goals)

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