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Manager Series: Alfredo Notti

Source Lazio Wiki

Alfredo Bruno Notti was born on February 19 1908 in Alessandria.

He started his football career with Pro Gorizia in 1928 and then on to Vogherese and Genova 1893 in 1929, where he stayed for two seasons in Serie A. In 1931 he moved to Alessandria, still in Serie A, where in five seasons he played 120 games and scored 39 goals. He was a centre forward, but an atypical one, keener to give assists than score goals. With Alessandria he reached the final of the Coppa Italia in 1936 but at the end of the season moved to Modena., He had had a serious injury and the Piedmontese had believed his career was over. They were wrong. He played six years with Modena contributing not only to their return to the top tier but also successfully helping to stay in Serie A for two years. In 1939-40 he became player-manager. He could not avoid the relegation but took them back to Serie A the next year. They did not stay in the top tier. In 1942 he left for Prato in Serie C, but only as a player, and after the war retuned again as player/manager. His last years of active football were with Sambenedettese between 1947 and 1950 in Serie C. He retired at 42, quite old in general for a footballer, but considering the times, very old!!!


After his experience as player manager, he joined Lazio in 1950 and was immediately given the first eleven to coach, together with Luciano Ramella as technical director, for the Teresa Herrera Trophy and the Latin Cup at the end of May 1950 because the manager Mario Sperone was in Brazil with the National team. After that experience, he was in charge of the youth teams, then as assistant to manager Giuseppe Bigogno, as well as head coach of the reserves squad, until mid-March 1953 when he took over from Bigogno, who was sacked. He won a derby in his first match as head coach and they were doing well but Lazio lost the last three matches and Notti was not confirmed.


In 1954 he became manager of Treviso and for the rest of his career he was head coach of teams in the lower tiers: Sambenedettese, Pescara (two stints), Del Duca Ascoli (two stints), Piacenza, Casertana and Valenzana.


He died on August 20 1972 in Alessandria.



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