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Otello Zironi

Otello Zironi was born on January 2, 1917 in Sassuolo.

Source Lazio Wiki

He started playing football with Scandianese and in 1934 began playing for Reggiana in Serie C. After a couple of years, he did not move far but upwards as he signed for Modena in Serie B. In 1937-38 the Canarini got promoted to Serie A.

Together with Novara and Alessandria they were all on 43 points at the end of the season but since only two got promoted they needed a play off. In the first match Modena beat Alessandria 3-0 and in the second game Novara beat the Piedmontese too so they were both promoted. Zironi debuted in Serie A on September 18, 1938 against Liguria. In their first year they managed to avoid relegation but not in their second so Zironi moved to the capital to play for Lazio.

In his first year he was a first eleven choice but not in his second. He was a right winger, fast and strong, good dribbler and excellent with crosses. He made 24 appearances for Lazio with 4 goals before going back to Modena in 1942. He stayed there during the war and then played for Piacenza and Parma. His last years of active football were spent in the minor leagues with Scandianese and Bondenese.

He played two games for Italy B scoring one goal against France in Marseilles.

Zironi died on March 28, 1990, in Sassuolo.

Lazio Career


Total Serie A appearances (goals)


23 (4)




24 (4)



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