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President Series: Andrea Ercoli

Source Wikipedia

Andrea Ercoli was born in Rome on June 18, 1908. He began to work for Lazio in 1923 as a ball boy, due to the friendship between his brother Giuseppe and Augusto Parboni, and from then on, his life was dedicated to the club. Giuseppe was invited to be part of the Board of Directors and immediately set to work as it was he who signed manager Desiderio Koszegi, paying his wages personally. After his brother died in 1933, Andrea started to manage the family agricultural company. President Eugenio Gualdi asked him to take his brother’s place on the board since there just had to be an Ercoli member in the club.

In 1935 he left for the war in Ethiopia and when he came back he became president of Trastevere. In 1939 he was elected Lazio President but a year later left for the war in Albania. He came back in 1941 and was again president of Lazio. He was one of the organisers of the Rome war League of 1943 which Lazio won.

After the second world war, times were tough for the club but he stayed doing almost everything including president from 1945 to 1948 and again regent in 1960. When Umberto Lenzini took over he remained on the board and became one of the vice presidents. He had a few skirmishes with Giorgio Chinaglia, threatening to buy him personally and then keep him in the stands, but generally had a good relationship with Long John. Due to age he gradually lessened his work at the club and lived the Sergio Cragnotti era from a distance.

He wrote a memoir of his experiences in 1999: Io e la Lazio, 75 anni insieme (Lazio and I, 75 years together).

Ercoli died on September 9 2005 in Rome.



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