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Riccardo Cenci

Riccardo Cenci was born in Fucecchio (Florence), on February 25 1958.

Source Lazio Wiki

His early football was played in the Pistoiese youth set up. He then made his professional debut for the Arancioni in 1976 in Serie C. He only played one league game under manager Bruno Bolchi but the Tuscans were promoted, winning the league. His teammates included, former Lazio, Stefano Di Chiara (1973-76) and future Juventus legend Sergio Brio.


In 1977-78 he stayed at Pistoiese but again only played one league game. The manager was first Bolchi and then Enzo Riccomini and the Orange finished 16th. His teammates included, Lazio legend, Mario Frustalupi (1972-75) and former Lazio, Sergio Borgo (1973-74, 1975-76) plus a young Beppe Dossena (World Champion with Italy in 1982 and Italian champion with Sampdoria in 1991).


In 1978 Cenci joined Cerretese (Cerreto Guidi-Florence) in C2. He played 27 league games and scored 9 goals. Cerretese finished 3rd.


In 1979 he joined Lazio in Serie A. The manager was Bob Lovati but it was a terrible year for the Biancocelesti. First, in October, a fan, Vincenzo Paparelli, was killed by a flare before the Roman derby and then in March four Lazio players were arrested for alleged match fixing. Lazio were eventually punished with relegation. On the field Cenci had played 5 league games and 1 in Coppa Italia.


The following year in Serie B he stayed on. The manager was Ilario Castagner and Lazio narrowly missed out on promotion finishing 4th. Cenci played 5 games with 1 goal (winner at Foggia) and 3 games in Coppa Italia.


From Lazio he went to Piacenza in Serie C1. He stayed two seasons, playing 55 league games with 8 goals. Il Piace finished 12th and 15th (relegated).


In 1983-84 he played a season with Mantova in Serie C2. The Virgiliani finished 4th, first under Dino Binacchi and then Bruno Mazzia. Cenci played 29 league games with 6 goals.


In 1984 he joined Derthona (Tortona-Alessandria) in C2. He stayed two seasons, finishing 4th (under Angelo Domenghini) and 13th (under Adriano Lombardi). Cenci played 68 league games and scored 22 goals.


In 1986 he joined Fiorenzuola (Piacenza) in Interregionale (5th tier). The Fiore finished 7th and Cenci played 25 league games and scored one goal.


He then went back to Derthona for two seasons. The Leoncelli were in C1 and finished 13th and 14th. He played 50 league games with 2 goals, under manager Ambrogio Pelagalli.


In 1989 he moved back to Tuscany and joined Cuoiopelli (Pisa) in C2. The Biancorossi finished 18th and were relegated. The manager was first, former Lazio keeper, Idilio Cei (1958-68) and then Lucio Mujesan. Cenci played 27 league games with 2 goals.


His last club was Rondinella (Florence) in 1991-92. The "Rondine" (Swallow/Bluebird) was in Interregionale (5th tier) and finished 6th. Cenci played 30 league games with 5 goals.


At 34 he then retired.


He reappeared in the football world in 2008-09 working as coach in the Cuoiopell youth sector.


Then from 2016-18 he was technical director at Fucecchio, his hometown.


Cenci was an attacking midfielder. He was an agile and dynamic player. At 1.70 and 63 kilos he based his game on technique and movement. Neither were enough to give him a top-level career. His peak was winning the C1 league with Pistoiese in 1977 and then playing for Lazio.


At Lazio he was unlucky with his timing, arriving in their "annus horribilis", 1979-80. He stayed the following year but was basically a reserve to Stefano Chiodi, Alberto Bigon, Giuseppe Greco, Renzo Garlaschelli and Nando Viola. His highpoint was scoring the winner at Foggia, on October 26 1980, in an away win which however was not enough to contribute to a promotion. Cenci played a total of 14 games with the Eagles.


Lazio Career


Total Appearances (goals)

Serie A

Serie B

Coppa Italia







8 (1)


5 (1)



14 (1)


5 (1)




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