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Stefano Di Chiara

Updated: Jan 23

Stefano Di Chiara was born in Rome, on 21 February 1957.

Sergio Borgo left and Stefano DI Chiara right

He was formed in the Lazio youth sector along with Bruno Giordano, Lionello Manfredonia and Andrea Agostinelli. He was then in the first team squad for three years, between 1973 and 1976.


In this period however he never made his debut in Serie A. In 73-74 he played one game in Coppa Italia and in 75-76 played one game in the UEFA Cup. In the league he was an unused substitute five times. His managers were Tommaso Maestrelli and briefly Giulio Corsini


In 1976-77 Di Chiara left Rome and joined Pistoiese in Serie C. He stayed three seasons. The Tuscan "Arancioni" won promotion in first place under Bruno Bolchi. In Serie B they finished 16th, first under Bolchi (1-11) and then Enzo Riccomini. One of his teammates was Lazio legend Mario Frustalupi while other interesting players were young Beppe Dossena and Sergio Brio. In his third year in Pistoia, still under Riccomini, the "Olandesina" finished 5th. He was joined by other Lazio connections, future keeper Maurizio Moscatelli and midfielder Fortunato Torrisi. In total Di Chiara played 97 league games for Pistoiese.


In 1979-80 he spent a season with Genoa in Serie B. The "Grifone" finished 11th under Gianni di Marzio and Di Chiara played 33 league games. 


In 1980-81 he played for Cagliari in Serie A. He played 6 league games under Mario Tidda and the Rossoblu finished a positive 6th. His teammates included future Lazio, Roberto Tavola. 


In 1981 he joined Cremonese in Serie B. First under Guido Vincenzi and then Emiliano Mondonico, the Grigiorossi finished 10th. One of his teammates was a young Gianluca Vialli. 


In 1982 he stayed on in Cremona and narrowly missed out on promotion. Cremonese finished 4th and lost out in a three-team playoff with Como and Catania (it was the Sicilians who joined Milan and Lazio in A). In total he played 52 league games for the Lombard "Violini".


In 1983 he moved south and joined Lecce in Serie B. His manager was Eugenio Fascetti and the Salentini finished 4th. Di Chiara played 32 league games with 1 goal.


In 1984 he stayed with the Giallorossi and they won promotion. Di Chiara played 35 league games. 


The 85-86 season in Serie A was his last at Lecce. The "Lupi" were relegated but indirectly did Lazio a huge favour before leaving. In the penultimate game of the season, already down, they beat Roma 3-2 away and destroyed their fellow "Lupi Giallorossi's" hopes of winning the Scudetto. A defeat so devastating for Roma it is still talked about today. Di Chiara played 23 league games and 5 in Coppa Italia. His teammates included his brother Alberto (who scored against Roma), a young Antonio Conte and veteran Franco Causio. Lazio's hero for life was Juan Barbas who got a brace in the famous Roma vs Lecce.


In 1987-88 Di Chiara played for Messina in Serie B. The "Peloritani" finished 12th under "Il Professore" Franco Scoglio. Di Chiara played 19 league games and one of his teammates and top scorer was Italia '90 hero Salvatore "Totò" Schillaci.


In 1988-89 Di Chiara played for SPAL in Ferrara in Serie C1. The managers were first Giorgio Valeri (1-15) and then Francesco Paolo Specchia but the Estensi were relegated. Di Chiara played 10 league games.


In 1989-90 he spent a season in L'Aquila in Interregionale (5th tier). The Rossoblu finished 8th and he played 25 league games. 


His last professional club was Ascoli in 1990-91. The "Picchio" (The Woodpecker) was in Serie B and won promotion to A under Nedo Sonetti. Di Chiara however only played one league game. One of his teammates was his childhood friend and former Lazio, Bruno Giordano. 


He then retired at 35 but went straight into coaching. His first job was with Cassino in Interregionale (5th tier) in '91-92 but ended in relegation. He then had a series of one season stints: Cerveteri (near Rome-C2), Latina (5th tier), Civitavecchia (5th tier), Bastia Umbra (5th tier).


In 1998 he took on the job at Chieti in C2 but did not last the season.


In 1998-99 he spent the end of the season at Siena in C1. The Bianconeri finished 15th and stayed up after the play-outs.


In 1999 he was at Fermana for 4 matches (12-16) in C1 but was then replaced by Ivo Iaconi.


In 2001 he had a spell at Ravenna in Eccellenza (5th tier) and in 2002 two stints at Novara (C2) and Taranto (C1).


In 2004-05 he started with Legnano (C2) but was replaced. The third and last manager of the "Lilla" (Lilac) was Lazio Scudetto hero, Giancarlo Oddi


In 2005-06 he was back at Pistoiese (C1) as manager, taking over during the season but then being replaced himself. His son Diego was in the squad.


He then returned to Rome and took charge of Cisco Roma (C2) but was replaced. One of the players in the squad was Paolo Di Canio.


In 2007-08 he was manager with Viterbese (C2) taking over from former Lazio Roberto Rambaudi, who then got the job back from Di Chiara. The Tusci were relegated. 


In February 2009 he went north and joined Como (Serie D) and won promotion to Lega Pro (third tier). The following season did not go as well. He was banned for 5 games for violent and offensive behaviour and then another 4 for breaching the ban. Then in October he was sacked due to the Lariani's poor results.


He then returned to the Rome area and had two spells with Cerveteri; one in 2014 and another in 2020 (Eccellenza and Promozione - 5th and 6th tiers)


It is fair to say his playing career has been better than his coaching one so far.


As a player he was a solid defender. At 1.81 and 74 kilos he was a physical if not rugged central defender. He played 29 games in Serie A but never for his childhood club Lazio. He did however have the satisfaction of putting on the Biancoceleste jersey once in Coppa Italia and once in the UEFA Cup. More than most fans can say.

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