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Ciro Muro

Ciro Muro was born in Naples, on March 9, 1964.

Source Lazio Wiki

He grew up in the Napoli youth sector and played one game (Napoli-Roma 1-2) in the 1983-84 season under Pietro Santin and then Rino Marchesi from February. Napoli finished 11th.


In 1984-85 he was sent to Monopoli on loan in Serie C1. The manager was Mario Russo and the "Gabbiano" (Seagull) finished 5th. Muro played 34 league games with 5 goals.


In 1985-86 he joined Pisa on loan in Serie A. The manager was Vincenzo Guerini and the Nerazzurri were relegated. They did however win the Mitropa Cup (Debrecen 2-0). Muro played 29 league games with 4 goals (Lecce, Fiorentina home and away, Avellino), 7 games in Coppa Italia with 2 goals (Piacenza Cremonese), and 2 games in the Mitropa Cup.


In 1986-87 he was back at Napoli in Serie A. The manager was Ottavio Bianchi and Napoli won the Scudetto and the Coppa Italia. He played alongside the great Diego Maradona and former Lazio Bruno Giordano. Muro played 11 league games with 1 goal (Ascoli), 13 games in Coppa Italia with 4 goals (in final first leg vs Atalanta, plus Vicenza, Brescia, Cagliari) and 2 games in Coppa UEFA.


In 1987-88 he joined Lazio in Serie B. The Biancocelesti had promotion hopes under Eugenio Fascetti and they materialised on June 19 when Lazio clinched their place back in Serie A. Muro played 37 league games with 4 goals (Triestina, Taranto, Sambenedettese, Bari) and 1 game in Coppa Italia.


Back in Serie A, Fascetti left over market strategy divergencies and Giuseppe Materazzi arrived. Lazio had a difficult season but ultimately survived with the added bonus of winning a local derby after ten years, with a Paolo Di Canio winner. Muro played 24 league games and 10 in Coppa Italia.


That was practically the end of his top-level career. He then started a nomadic career taking him over half of southern Italy.


In 1989-90 he was at Cosenza in Serie B. The "Lupi della Sila" finished 14th first under Gigi Simoni (Lazio 1985-86) and then Gianni Di Marzio. Muro played 35 league games with 2 goals (Padova, Foggia). His teammates included Massimo Storgato (Lazio 1984-85).


In 1990-91he spent a season at Messina in Serie B. The Giallorossi finished 9th under Giuseppe Materazzi (1-33) and then the duo Antonio Colomban and Pietro Ruisi (34-38). Muro played 30 league games with 1 goal (Ancona) and 3 games in Coppa Italia. One of his teammates was Igor Protti (Lazio 1996-97, 1998).


Between 1991 and 1993 he was at Taranto in Serie B. The Ionici finished 16th and 19th (relegated). The managers were Walter Nicoletti (1-10) and Giampiero Vitali (11-38) the first year and Vitali (1-6) and Giuseppe Caramanno the second. Muro played 71 league games with 9 goals. His teammates included Luca Brunetti (Lazio 1986-88) and Giancarlo Camolese (Lazio 1986-88).


From 1993 to 1995 he played with Ischia Isolaverde in Serie C1. The isolani finished 10th and 16th. Muro played 58 league games with 1 goal. One of his teammates was Giovanni Martusciello (former assistant manager to Maurizio Sarri when he was at Lazio).


In 1995 -96 he was with Albanova (Casale del Principe - Caserta) in C2. The Leoni finished 5th and he played 31 games with 6 goals.


In 1996 he played 8 league games for Matera in Serie C2 but then returned to Albanova, playing 23 league games with 4 goals and finishing 11th.


In 1997-98 he played for Sant'Anastasia (Napoli) in the amateur C.N.D (5th tier). The Biancoblu finished 6th but Muro only played 3 league games with 1 goal.


In 1998-99 he was with Casertana in C.N.D. He played 9 league games with 1 goal as player-manager.


Between 1999-2001 he spent two seasons with Viribus Unitis (Somma Vesuviana-Naples) as player manager in Promozione (6th tier). He played 42 league games with 2 goals.


In 2001 he had brief spells with Pomigliano Est (Naples) in Promozione with 8 games and 1 goal and then Manduria (Taranto) in Promozione, only playing two games.


At 37 he retired and continued with coaching.


In 2003-04 he was back at Pomigliano in Serie D. The Granata were first relegated and then readmitted to Serie D for the following season.


In 2009 he went back to Napoli to work in the youth sector and stayed four years.


In 2013-14 he coached Mariano Keller (Naples) in Serie D.


In 2014-15 he was in charge of Puteolana (Pozzuoli-Naples) in serie D. The Granata were relegated and went bust.


In 2020-21 he was with Frattese (Frattamaggiore-Naples) youth sector and in 2021-22 he had a spell with the Giugliano (Naples) youth sector.


He is currently manager of Scafatese (Scafati-Salerno) in Eccelenza Campania (5th tier). He also has his own football academy, Sc Ciro Muro.


Ciro Muro was a talented player. He was an attacking midfielder, 1.73 and 70 kilos. His speciality were set pieces and free kicks. He was considered a promising player at the beginning of his career but he never really fulfilled his potential. His peak was playing with Maradona and winning a Scudetto with Napoli.


At Lazio he won a promotion and had a decent first year. His second was more disappointing and he was then let go. At Lazio his infallible free kicks were legendary but only in training where apparently, he really was a mini-Maradona...


Lazio Career


Total appearances

Serie A

Serie B

Coppa Italia


38 (4)


37 (4)








72 (4)


37 (4)




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