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Claudio Vagheggi

Claudio Vagheggi was born in Lucignano (Arezzo), on October 4 1956.

Source Lazio Wiki

He started his professional career at 18 with Montevarchi in Serie C. He played two seasons with the Rossoblu with a 14th and 18th place (relegated on goal difference). He played 35 league games with 3 goals.


In 1976 he joined Varese in Serie B. The Bosini finished 8th under Pietro Maroso and Vagheggi played 3 league games. One of his teammates was young Giorgio Magnocavallo.


In 1977 he moved to Piedmont and signed for Alessandria in Serie C. The Grigi, under first Mario Trebbi and then Romano Mattė, finished 11th. Vagheggi played 35 league games and was top scorer with 9 goals.


In 1978 he joined Udinese in Serie B and stayed two seasons. In the first, the Bianconeri won the league under former Lazio player Massimo Giacomini and Vagheggi played 28 league games with 6 goals and 4 in Coppa Italia with 1 goal. In Serie A the Friulani survived finishing 13th, first under Corrado Orrico (1-22) and then Dino Alessi (23-30). Vagheggi played 16 league games with 2 goals (Inter, Ascoli) plus 3 games in Coppa Italia with 1 goal (Matera). The Bianconeri also won the Mitropa Cup (Vagheggi got 1 goal -Čelik Zenica). One of his teammates was future Lazio, Angelo Cupini.


In 1980 he signed for Vicenza in Serie B. The manager was first Giulio Savoini (1-7) and then Corrado Viciani but the "Lane" finished 17th and were relegated. Vagheggi played 24 league games and scored 5 goals.


In 1981 he arrived in the capital, to Lazio. The Biancocelesti had just missed out on promotion the previous season and still had Ilario Castagner as manager (he would then be replaced by Roberto Clagluna in February). It was a difficult year for Lazio who struggled and even risked relegation to C1 but ultimately finished 11th. Vagheggi personally had a good year with 34 league games and 9 goals (Verona, Varese, SPAL, Foggia, Brescia, Pescara x2, Verona, Palermo) plus 4 games in Coppa Italia. With the return of Bruno Giordano however he was not kept on.


In 1982 he moved further south to Napoli in Serie A. He was reunited with manager Giacomini until he was sacked and replaced by Gennaro Rambone in late November. The Partenopei finished 10th. Vagheggi did not repeat his Lazio season and played 15 league games without scoring and 3 in Coppa Italia with no goals. He played alongside former Lazio Filippo Citterio and future Lazio Claudio Vinazzani.


In 1983 he moved on again and joined Cavese in Serie B. The "Aquilotti" (Eagles) from Campania did not repeat the positive previous season and were relegated. They tried three different managers; Maurizio Bruno, Umberto Pinardi and Ottavio Bugatti but finished 19th. Vagheggi played 35 league games with 3 goals (Cesena, Arezzo, Pistoiese) and 5 in Coppa Italia with 2 goals (Bologna, Cosenza)). His teammates included former Lazio, Maurizio Moscatelli and future Lazio, Ernesto Calisti (on loan from Lazio) and a very young Raffaele Sergio.


In 1984 he joined Pescara in Serie B. The "Delfini" (Dolphins) finished 7th under Enrico Catuzzi and Vagheggi played 16 league games with 3 goals.


In 1985 he joined Campobasso in Serie B. The Molisani's manager was Bruno Mazzia and they finished 9th. Vagheggi played 17 league games with 5 goals (Genoa, Palermo x2, Arezzo). In 1986 he stayed in Molise and Campobasso started with Swede Tord Grip (1-19) and finished with Giampiero Vitali. Campobasso struggled and finished 17th going to a three-team playoff for the last relegation slot. Vagheggi and Lazio's paths crossed as the decisive game was Lazio vs Campobasso (Taranto were safe). Vagheggi had been out injured but played and the Rossoblu lost 0-1 to a Fabio Poli goal and were relegated. Vagheggi played 26 league games (including the decisive playoff) and scored 10 goals (Catania, Taranto, Vicenza, Triestina, Bari, Lecce x2, Bologna, Cagliari, Pisa) plus 5 games in Coppa Italia. One of his teammates was former Lazio, Paolo Pochesci.


In 1987 he returned to Friuli and Udinese in Serie B. The "Zebrette" finished 10th under three different managers: Massimo Giacomini (1-5), Marino Lombardo (6-14) and Nedo Sonetti (15-38). Vagheggi played 31 league games and scored 10 goals (Piacenza x2, Barletta, Parma, Bologna, Genoa x2, Brescia, Lecce, Sambenedettese) plus 2 games in Coppa Italia. The following year he stayed on and Udinese were promoted under Sonetti. Vagheggi played 10 league games and 7 in Coppa Italia with no goals. One of his teammates was former Lazio keeper, Claudio Garella.


In 1989 he joined his last club, Sambenedettese in serie B. The Rossoblu were relegated under four different managers: Maurizio Simonato, Paolo Beni, Bruno Pace, Cané and Pace again. Vagheggi played 23 league games with 3 goals.


He then retired at almost 34.


Since retiring he has become a player's agent and has followed amongst others; Kwadwo Asamoah, Mehdi Benatia, Mauricio Isla and Luis Muriel.


As a player Vagheggi was a forward. He was extremely dynamic and his speed, especially over long distances, was perhaps his best asset. All this running and movement led to him not being overly prolific. He did however score 58 league goals in his career. He played 31 games in Serie A and 251 in B.


At Lazio he had a good season despite the Biancocelesti's difficulties. He did not score until January but then scored 9 league goals. It was not a great year for Lazio but without Vagheggi it would have been far worse. He was nicknamed "Vaghigno" as in a Brazilian player of talent, maybe slightly exaggerated but it also says a lot about the quality, or lack of, in the team (with the exception of D'Amico of course).

Lazio career


Total games (goals)

Serie B

Coppa Italia


38 (9)

34 (9)


Jun-Oct 1982





46 (9)

38 (9)




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