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Daniele Filisetti

Daniele Filisetti was born in Nembro (Bergamo), on September 2, 1959.

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His football started in the youth sector of local team Atalanta. In 1977 he was added to the first team squad but he made his debut in 1979. The "Dea" (The Goddess) had just been relegated to Serie B and the manager was Tito Rota. Filisetti played 27 league games with 1 goal (Pistoiese) and 2 games in Coppa Italia. The Nerazzurri finished 9th. One of his teammates was future Lazio, Massimo Storgato. 


In 1980-81 things got worse for Atalanta as they were relegated to C1, under first Bruno Bolchi and then former Lazio, Giulio Corsini. Filisetti played 38 league games and 4 in Coppa Italia. 


In 1981-82 Atalanta bounced back winning their C1 group and promotion. The manager was Ottavio Bianchi and Filisetti played 34 league games and 5 in the C Coppa Italia. He played alongside future Lazio Giorgio Magnocavallo and Armando Madonna plus a young Roberto Donadoni.


Back in Serie B in 1982-83 Atalanta finished 8th under Bianchi. Filisetti played 35 league games with 1 goal (Cavese) and 5 games in Coppa Italia. The squad included former Lazio, Andrea Agostinelli. 


In 1983-84 Filisetti signed for Lazio, back in Serie A after three years in B. The President was cult hero Giorgio Chinaglia and the manager was former player Juan Carlos Morrone. It was a difficult season for the Biancocelesti who narrowly escaped relegation, drawing at Pisa in the last game of the season. Morrone was replaced by Paolo Carosi in December and Lazio finished 13th (out of 16). Filisetti played 22 league games.


The following season was a disastrous one with Lazio ending up relegated. Carosi started but was soon replaced by former manager Juan Carlos Lorenzo, who was far past his prime. In Arcadio Spinozzi’s book, in collaboration with journalist Stefano Greco, he lists a number of Lorenzo’s “exploits”. Filisetti was forced to lose 5 kilos in a week because the manager wanted him to be of the same weight as Trevor Francis who he had to mark in the next game against Atalanta. He fainted after the end of the first half. In March the duo Bob Lovati-Giancarlo Oddi took over but it was too late. Lazio finished 15th. Filisetti played 25 league games and 5 in Coppa Italia. 


In 1985-86 Gigi Simoni arrived as manager and Lazio started reasonably well but there were too many problems at the club, including Chinaglia going back to the States and Lazio faded. At one point they even risked a double drop but ultimately finished 11th. Filisetti played 14 league games and 2 in Coppa Italia.


The 1986-87 season, under Eugenio Fascetti, was hoped to be the promotion year but any aspirations were immediately shattered when Lazio were given a nine-point docking (initially it had been relegation) for one of their player's (Claudio Vinazzani) alleged involvement in the Totonero- bis (match fixing/betting scandal). Lazio then had a long but epic season. They first gained the right to a three-team playoff by beating Vicenza with a dramatic 83rd minute Giuliano Fiorini goal and then, after losing the first against Taranto, managed to beat Campobasso with a Fabio Poli goal. Lazio not only survived in Serie B but possibly as a club too. Filisetti played 11 league games and 1 in Coppa Italia. 


In 1987 Filisetti left Rome and joined Venezia-Mestre in C2. The "Leoni Alati" (The Winged Lions) were promoted to C1. The manager was former Lazio, Ferruccio Mazzola.


The following year, under Aldo Cerantola and then Giovan Battista Fabbri, the Arancioneroverdi finished 9th in C1.


In 1989-90 the club went back to being called just Venezia. They finished 4th in C1, under Antonio Pasinato and then Giuseppe Sabadini. This was Filisetti’s last season on the lagoon where he played 95 league games. 


The 1990-91 he returned close to home and joined Alzano Virescit, from Alzano Lombardo and Seriate, near Bergamo. The Seriani were in Promozione (6th tier). The following year they played in Eccellenza (5th tier) and finished 6th and then 3rd the year after. Filisetti stayed three seasons, playing 77 league games.


He then retired, approaching the age of 34.


After retiring he has been involved with Alzano Virescit in both marketing and coaching roles. His real profession however is as a dentist.


Filisetti was a defender who could play both as full-back and centre-back. He is 1.82 and 75 kilos, so strong physically. He was a classic man-to-man marker and was surprisingly quick for his size. He played 157 games for Atalanta but the peak of his career was with Lazio where he played 47 games in Serie A. 


In Rome he started well but gradually faded playing less in the last two of his four years in the capital. I think it is fair to say more was expected of him in his time for Lazio. He was however unlucky in his timing as the club was going through one of the many difficult periods in their history. He will be remembered for the first Chinaglia presidency season, when Lazio miraculously avoided relegation and then for his role in the epic '86-87 season. He is not one of the -9 heroes who immediately comes to mind but he played 11 games so he too gave a contribution.

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