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What a comeback!!!

Updated: Apr 4

Game 21, Serie A

Sunday, February 28, 1993

Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa

Genoa Lazio 2-3

Lazio come back from 2-0 down and win the match thanks to a Riedle double and despite Gascoigne's red card.

It was Dino Zoff’s 51st birthday and Lazio wanted to give him a special present, but it was also Genoa’s birthday and the Rossoblu were desperate for points.

Genoa started rather well. A Michele Padovano header went slightly too high and Fernando Orsi managed to save Lazio in one-on-one with Gennaro Ruotolo. But he could do little in the 23rd minute. Great free kick from the specialist Branco, Orsi managed to save but could do nothing on the Padovano tap in. A minute later an Orsi goal kick went too short, hit Luca Luzardi and allowed Tomas Skuhravy a chance in complete solitude. 2-0 for Genoa and Lazio in deep trouble.

Two minutes later, Aron Winter tried a first cross but the Genoa defence cleared. Ball back to the Dutchman who crossed again, Karl-Heinz Riedle got to the ball before the others and Lazio scored.

Paul Gascoigne had a chance following a Beppe Signori corner and Branco’s two free kicks were safely kept out by Orsi. In the 37th minute another Signori corner gave Luzardi an opportunity but his header hit the woodwork.

In the 62nd minute, another Lazio defensive fumble yet again allowed Skuhravy a vis-à-vis with Orsi but this time the Lazio goalkeeper saved. Thirty seconds later it was Signori’s turn to hit the woodwork with a cracking shot from thirty metres.

In the 69th minute, Gazza received the ball, dribbled past a Genoa defender and went into the box. He was fouled by Ruotolo. Penalty. Signori made it 2-2.

Lazio were on fire, but Gascoigne got sent off in the 70th minute for a retaliation foul. End of the game? No. In the 86th minute Beppe Favalli had space to cross the ball from the left, Riedle, unmarked, headed the ball in giving Lazio an important, tough, but deserved victory.

After the defeat the Genoa manager Gigi Maifredi was sacked. A sweet revenge for Zoff who a few years earlier had been replaced at Juventus by Maifredi.

Who played for Genoa

Spagnulo, Van't Schip, Caricola, Panucci, Fortunato, Branco, Ruotolo, Bortolazzi, Padovano (81' Arco), Skuhravy, Fiorin (88' Onorati).

Substitutes: Tacconi, Collovati, Signorelli.

Manager: Maifredi.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Fiori, Marcolin, Stroppa

Manager: Zoff.

Referee: Luci

Goals: 23’ Padovano, 24’ Skuhravy, 26’ Riedle, 69’ Signori (pen), 86’ Riedle



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