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Giuseppe Lorenzetti

Updated: Jan 24

Giuseppe Lorenzetti was born in Rome, on March 19, 1948. He first started playing football at the parish of Cristo Re church, in the Prati area of Rome (not far from where Lazio were founded).

Source Lazio Wiki

He then joined Lazio’s youth set up. In 1967 he was added to the first team squad. Lazio were in Serie B and the manager was first Renato Gei and then Bob Lovati. The Biancocelesti finished 11th and Lorenzetti played 4 league games. His debut came on November 5 in a home draw against Perugia.


In 1968-69 the manager was Juan Carlos Lorenzo (with Lovati on the bench for the first 25 games for bureaucratic reasons) and Lazio won the Serie B and promotion. Lorenzetti again played 4 league games. 


Lorenzetti and Lazio then parted ways and he joined Livorno in Serie B. The Amaranto manager was first former Lazio legend Aldo Puccinelli and then Armando Picchi (the Livorno stadium is now named after him). The "Triglie" (The Mullets) finished 11th and Lorenzetti played 22 league games with 1 goal (Ternana) and 3 in Coppa Italia. His teammates included young Luigi Martini and Roberto Badiani.


In 1970-71 he moved to Piedmont and Alessandria. The "Orso Grigio" was in Serie C and the manager was Juventus legend, Sergio Manente. Alessandria finished 2nd and Lorenzetti played 37 league games with 9 goals (Sottomarina, Treviso, Solbiatese, Padova, Lecco, Sottomarina, Parma, Seregno, Piacenza).


In 1971-72 the managers were first Mario David and then Mario Pietruzzi and Alessandria again finished 2nd. Lorenzetti played 35 league games with 5 goals (Imperia, Padova, Rovereto, Pro Vercelli x2).


The 1972-73 season was his last with the Mandrogni. The manager was Giuseppe Marchioro and Alessandria finished 3rd but won the Serie C Coppa Italia beating Avellino 4-2 with 2 goals by Lorenzetti in extra-time. Over the season he played 36 league games with7 goals (Seregno, Cossatese x2, Pro Vercelli, Trento, Rovereto, Venezia) and 12 in Coppa Italia with 7 goals (Asti x2, Derthona, Asti, Modena, Avellino x2). One of his teammates was former Lazio, Arrigo Dolso.


He then left for Rimini in Serie C. The Biancorossi finished 2nd under Natale Faccenda. Lorenzetti played 38 league games with 7 goals.


In 1974-75 he joined Foggia in Serie B. The manager was first Lauro Toneatto and then Cesare Maldini from the end of January. Lorenzetti played 15 league games with 2 goals and 4 games in Coppa Italia with 1 goal. The Rossoneri finished 7th. One of his teammates was Fausto Inselvini, Italian champion with Lazio in '73-'74.


In 1975-76 Maldini stayed on but was replaced by Roberto Balestri after 20 league games. The "Satanelli" won promotion with 3rd place. Lorenzetti played less, only 5 league games and 4 in Coppa Italia with 3 goals (Palermo, Cesena, Reggiana). His teammates included future Lazio derby hero, Aldo Nicoli.


In Serie A in 1976-7, under Balestri, Lorenzetti only played 4 league games. Foggia finished 13th, beating Milan, Roma and Lazio at home.


In 1977-78 Lorenzetti returned to Rimini in Serie B. The manager was Osvaldo Bagnoli who would later win a historic Scudetto with Verona.  The Biancorossi finished 16th and Lorenzetti played 28 league games with 5 goals plus 2 in Coppa Italia with 1 goal. One of his teammates was left-wing cult hero Paolo Sollier.


In 1978-79 Lorenzetti was back at Foggia in Serie B. The manager was Brazilian Chinesinho and the Rossoneri finished 17th and were relegated. Lorenzetti played 10 league games with 1 goal plus 3 in Coppa Italia. His teammates included former Lazio Ernesto Apuzzo but more importantly future Lazio legend and saviour Giuliano Fiorini.


Lorenzetti stayed on in Serie C for one last season. The manager was first Giorgio Sereni and then former Bologna and Milan legendary player Ettore Puricelli. The "Diavolo del Sud" won promotion in 2nd place and Lorenzetti played 11 league games with 1 goal.


He then retired at almost 32. He spent his retirement on the island of Elba where he collaborated with Audace Portoferraio and trained the referees from the Livorno section. He died in 2003 at 65.


Lorenzetti was an attacking midfielder. He was extremely talented and creative with a lovely touch. His genius was weighed down by the lack of consistency in his performances and his stamina. He could however be brilliant and in Alessandria especially he is considered one of their greats.


At Lazio he only played 8 league games but was part of the promotion winning team of 1968-69. He played alongside Lazio greats such as Mario Facco, Carlo Soldo, Diego Zanetti, Piero Cucchi, Nello Governato, Rino Marchesi, Ferruccio Mazzola, Giuseppe Massa, Giuliano Fortunato, Gian Piero Ghio and "El Gaucho" Juan Carlos Morrone.

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