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June 29 1930: Lazio Pro Vercelli 3-2

Lazio win and see survival

A good win against a battling Pro Vercelli almost gets Lazio out of danger

Source SS Lazio Museum

The season so far

The previous year Lazio had come joint 8th with Napoli in the National B group. They then had a playoff against the "Partenopei " to decide which team would gain the last place in the following year's single Serie A. The game was played in Milan and ended up 2-2 also after extra-time but luckily the FIGC (Italian Football Federation) then decided to give them both access without replaying the match (no penalty shoot outs in those days). Lazio had changed managers three times: Austrian Franz Sedlacek (1-3), Fernando Saraceni (4-14), Augusto Rangone (15-23) and finally Hungarian Ferenc Molnar (24-34).


For the 1929-30 season Lazio started with Molnar again, he had then been replaced by Pietro Piselli but then the Magyar returned. He was on the bench today. Lazio had a few new players this season: defenders Alfredo Foni (Udinese) and Orlando Tognotti (Genova 1893), midfielder Mario Malatesta (Spezia) and forward Luigi Ziroli (Serenissima). The main players leaving were midfielders Paolo Paganini (Napoli) and Gino Lamon I (Padova) plus forward Arnoldo Vaccari (Parma).


So far Lazio had struggled in this new league formula. The Biancocelesti had won 9, drawn 8 and lost 15 (including Pro Vercelli 1-3 and both derbies). They were on 26 points, in 16th place and only two above 17th place Padova. Top scorer was Ziroli with 10 goals.


With only two games to go, a win would be solid gold today.


Pro Vercelli had finished 5th the previous season in the Divisione Nazionale. The manager was Austrian, Rudolf Soutschek and top scorer was Luigi Bajardi with 16 league goals.


Pro Vercelli were of course the winners of 7 league titles (1908, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1921, 1922).


This season the manager was Hungarian, Jozsef Nagy. The main new players were keeper Egidio Scansetti (from youth sector), defender Angelo Beltaro (from youth sector), midfielder Alfredo Bajardi (Casale), forwards Alfredo Gatti (Juventus), Alfredo Ferraris (from youth sector) and Silvio Piola (from youth sector). Having left was keeper Giuseppe Cavanna (Napoli).


So far, the Vercellesi were 9th in the table, on 32 points. The "Leoni" had won 12 (including Inter 1-0, Roma 2-0, Lazio 3-1, Juventus 1-0, Napoli 4-0, all at home), drawn 8 and lost 12 (including Roma 0-7 and Juventus 1-6). The "Bianchi Piemontesi" were arithmetically safe with two games to go. Top scorer was Alfredo Gatti with 9 league goals.


Today's game was therefore a lot more important for the Roman Eagles than the Piedmontese Lions.


The match: Sunday, June 29, 1930, Stadio Rondinella, Rome

A 3.30 start and it was still 31 degrees at kick-off but hazy.


Lazio had more to play for and started energetically. The Biancocelesti took the lead after ten minutes. Carlo Cevenini crossed into the middle where defender Achille Dellarole failed to head clear, the ball reached Mario Malatesta who took a couple of strides forward and beat Egidio Scansetti. Lazio 1 Pro Vercelli 0.


The Piedmontese reacted and put constant pressure on the Lazio back line. They were then hampered by an injury to Luigi Casalino who came out worse for wear from a challenge by Orlando Tognotti. The forward stayed on the field but was limping visibly.


Lazio doubled their lead in the 30th minute. Piero Pastore picked up an Aldo Spivach pass, ran toward the right and let off an unstoppable long-range strike. Lazio 2 Pro Vercelli 0.


Pro Vercelli were by no means passive but Lazio got to the break with a reassuring score line.


Lazio started on the front foot in the second half too, keen to wrap the game up. Scansetti was superb on a long-range Malatesta strike.


Pro Vercelli however had other ideas and continued to be lively. In the 58th minute they pulled a goal back. Casalino despite his injury did well on the by-line and crossed for Giuseppe Seccatore who had an easy header to make it 2-1.


Lazio needed this win at all costs and pushed forward again. They got a third goal in the 66th minute. From an Odoacre Pardini cross, Luigi Ziroli got a shot in but it was parried by Scansetti, only as far as Pastore who had no problem slotting it in. Lazio 3 Pro Vercelli 1.


Any hopes of a relaxing end to the game were soon dashed as ten minutes later the Neri were back in it. In the 76th minute Alfredo Bajardi scored to give the visitors hope, 3-2.


Lazio however could not afford to let the points slip away and held firm with a concentrated, no frills defensive effort and reached their objective. Final score Lazio 3 Pro Vercelli 2.


A deserved win for the Biancocelesti who had attacked more while the visitors had honoured the occasion despite having little to play for.


Lazio were up to joint 12th, with Modena, Triestina and Pro Patria, on 28 points. They were all but safe with Cremonese on 15, Padova, 26 and Livorno 27. Lazio however had a difficult away game at Juventus so still had to be careful.


Who played for Lazio

Sclavi, Tognotti, Mattei II, Foni, Pardini, Caimmi, Ziroli, Malatesta, Pastore, Spivach, Cevenini V

Manager: Molnár


Who played for Pro Vercelli

Scansetti, Beltaro, Dellarole I, Bajardi I, Ardissone, Ferraris I, Casalino, Gatti, Bajardi II, Seccatore, Ferraris II

Manager: Nagy


Referee: Gama

Goals: 14' Malatesta, 37' Pastore, 58' Seccatore, 66' Pastore, 76' Bajardi II


What happened next

Lazio finished 15th. In the last match the Biancocelesti lost 1-3 away to Juventus and ended up on 28 points, two above the drop zone as Padova collapsed 0-8 to Roma. Top scorer was Luigi Ziroli with 11 league goals.


Pro Vercelli then drew 2-2 at home with Bologna and finished 9th. Top scorer was Gatti with 9 while Luigi Casalino and Giuseppe Seccatore both got 8. The young Silvio Piola only played 4 league games but would start playing and scoring for the "Leoni" the following season.


The Scudetto was won by Ambrosiana-Inter for their 3rd title. Serie B awaited Cremonese and Padova.

Lazio 1929-30






Goals scored

Serie A






Top appearances


Serie A









Top five goal scorers


Serie A











Let's talk about Leopoldo Caimmi

Source Lazio Wiki

Leopoldo Caimmi was born in Ancona on December 3, 1906.


He began his career with Roman club Alba Roma in 1923. In 1926 the club merged with Audace Roma and became known as Alba Audace.


In 1927 the Fascist Regime pushed for a single, strong club from Rome and several clubs merged, including Alba Audace, to form A.S Roma. Lazio of course refused and remained fiercely proud and independent.


At this point Caimmi left Rome and joined Livorno. The Amaranto from Leghorn were in the Divisione Nazionale (top flight) and finished 9th in the B group. They should have been relegated but stayed up due to an expansion of the league. Caimmi played 17 league games.


In 1928 he returned to Rome and joined Lazio. The Romans were in the Divisione Nazionale Group B. The top 8 from each group would qualify for the following season's first single national Serie A. The Biancocelesti finished joint 8th with Napoli so went to a playoff which ended in a 2-2 draw. A replay was needed but here came the coup de theatre and both teams were let in due to a decision to increase the teams involved in the new format for geo-political reasons. Lazio were therefore in the new Serie A. The managers were several: Franz Sedlacek (1-3), Fernando Saraceni (4-14), Augusto Rangone (15-23) and finally Ferenc Molnár. Caimmi played 27 league games plus the playoff. Lazio's best result was defeating Juventus 1-0 and Fiorentina 4-0 away and the Viola again 5-1 at home.


In 1929-30 the manager was first Molnár, then Pietro Piselli and then Molnár again and Lazio finished 15th. The Biancocelesti struggled but managed to avoid relegation. The best results included beating Bologna 3-0, Cremonese 6-0 and Modena 4-0. Caimmi played 32 league games and scored 1 goal (Cremonese).


The 1930-31 season was his last in Rome. The manager was first Molnár (1-26), then Cesare Migliorini (27-31) and finally player-manager Amílcar. The Biancocelesti did better and finished 8th. The highlights were defeating Milan 1-0 away, Juventus 2-1 and Ambrosiana-Inter 1-0 at home while both derbies were draws. Caimmi played 20 league games.


In 1931 he joined Atalanta in Serie B. The manager was future Lazio, József Violak (Italianised into Viola) and the Orobici finished 4th. Caimmi played 25 league games.


The following season Viola stayed on but was replaced by compatriot Imre Payer after 17 matches. The Nerazurri finished 17th and should have been relegated but stayed up due to the league being split in two groups and so with more teams. Caimmi again played 25 league games.


In 1933-34 he played a season with Casale in Serie A. The Neri finished 18th and relegated first under Secondo Siviardo (1-5) and then Lajos Czeiler (6-34). Caimmi played 33 league games and scored 1 goal.


In 1934-35 he spent a season in Sardinia with Cagliari in Serie B. The "Casteddu" finished 9th in group B. The manager was first Enrico Crotti and then former Lazio, Ferenc Molnár. Caimmi played 22 league games. At the end of the season the Rossoblu were declared bankrupt and Caimmi moved on.


His last club was Fanfulla (Lodi-Lombardy) in Serie C. The managers were Alessandro Bovati and Pietro De Carli together and the "Guerriero" finished 12th. They then stayed up after a playoff. Caimmi played 11 league games.


At not even 30 he retired.


Caimmi was a midfielder. He was a defensive midfielder as his few goals testify. He played 85 games in the Serie A format and 76 in B.


At Lazio he stayed three seasons, one in the Divisione Nazionale and two in the new Serie A. He played 79 games and scored one goal. It is said that in 1929 Lazio turned down a big offer by Ambrosiana-Inter to sign him.


He died prematurely in Milan on March 15, 1937, at 31 years of age.

Lazio career


Total appearances (goals)

Serie A

National Division






31 (1)

31 (1)







79 (1)

51 (1)




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