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Magnificent comeback

Updated: 5 days ago

Game 4, Southern League Semifinal, Group A

Sunday, May 10, 1925

Campo della Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Anconitana 6-3

2-0 down after just 20 minutes, the Biancocelesti score six and overtake Anconitana in the table

Source Lazio Wiki

This season the Biancocelesti managed to arrive second in the Lazio Group so qualifying for the semi-final group stage where they were paired with Anconitana, Savoia and Pro Italia. Lazio had lost the first game against Anconitana away and won the next two. The table read: Anconitana 5, Lazio 4, Pro Italia 2, Savoia 1. This game against Anconitana was a must win match for the Biancocelesti if they wanted to go through to the Southern league final.

The match

After twenty minutes it seemed that Lazio’s quest for a place in the Southern League final was all over. Two fantastic goals by Bakony, the first in the 15th minute and the second five minutes later, had given Anconitana an important lead but at that point, manager Dezső Kőszegi decided to move Fulvio Bernardini forward and Odoacre Pardini a little back and this tactical shuffle changed the momentum of the game. Lazio scored six goals: three by Antonio Vojak, irresistible, spectacular, powerful, two by Bernardini, who had finally returned to the form he was well known for, and one by Alfredo Cattaneo whose game was nothing short of outstanding.

With three minutes to the end of the match, the referee, up until then enjoying the game and hardly ever intervening, decided to award Anconitana a penalty and Bakony scored his hat-trick.

Big change at the top of the group B table which now read: Lazio 6 points, Anconitana 5, Savoia 3, Pro Italia 2.

Who played for Lazio


Sclavi, Saraceni II, Fiorini, Nesi, Pardini, Parboni, Fraschetti, Filippi, Bernardini, Vojak, Cattaneo

Manager: Koszegi


Who played for Anconitana

Bugari, Rossi III, Marchini, Chiatti, Montini, Barbini, Tenenti, Marinari, Bakony, Panzone, Rossi IV


Referee: Senes


Goals: 15’ Bakony, 20’ Bakony, 33’ Bernardini, 37’ Vojak, 56’ Vojak, 63’ Bernardini, 64’ Cattaneo, 68’ Vojak, 87’ Bakony (pen)




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