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All that mattered was winning

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Game 2, Southern League Semifinal, Group A

Sunday, April 26, 1925

Campo Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Pro Italia 1-0

Not a great match by Lazio but at least they won

Source Lazio Wiki

This season the Biancocelesti managed to arrive second in the Lazio Southern Group, so qualifying for the semi-final stage where they were grouped with Anconitana, Savoia and Pro Italia. Lazio had lost the first game against Anconitana away and today was the first home game against the Taranto based Pro Italia.

The match

Lazio did not play a good match. Everything was missing, attack, defence, midfield, plus they were tactically disastrous and not very cohesive. On the other hand, Pro Italia, who were certainly not as good as the Biancocelesti, played well in all areas with one exception. Despite basically dominating the entire game, they were never dangerous and Lazio scored with Dante Filippi in the 34th minute. In the second half tried to improve in a match that was characterised by Fillipi’s solitary goal but the Tarantini defended well and all attempts by Aldo Fraschetti, Giovanni Vojak and Fulvio Bernardini came to no avail.

At least Lazio won and now the table read: Anconitana 3 points, Pro Italia & Lazio 2, Savoia 1.

Who played for Lazio


Sclavi, Saraceni II, Fiorini, Nesi, Bernardini, Parboni, Cattaneo, Vojak, Pardini, Filippi, Fraschetti

Manager: Koszegi

Who played for Pro Italia

Pieri, Catapano, Di Donna, Friuli I, Bertucci, Ascanelli, Friuli II, Palmisano, Cassato, Santa Maria (II), De Pasquale


Referee: Argento


Goal: 34’ Filippi



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