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Lazio salvage point despite referee

Updated: Apr 30

Game 13, Serie B

Sunday, December 29, 1968

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Foggia 2-2

Denied three penalties and two zero down, Lazio fight back with late goals and clinch a draw

A freezing but sunny day saw about 30,000 spectators gather at the Olimpico. 


The game started at a good pace but due to the extremely tight marking there were few early chances.


The first real chance fell to the visitors in the 18th and it was huge. Nello Saltutti slalomed through the Lazio defence and put in a low, crisp cross which Nuti connected with but incredibly put the ball wide from only about eight metres out. Easier than a penalty but missed.


In the 36th minute there was a moment of controversy. Giuliano Fortunato hammered a long range shot towards goal but it was intercepted by an outstretched Fumagalli arm. The referee initially pointed to the penalty spot but then put down his arm when he saw the ball had reached Gian Piero Ghio but the striker missed. The Lazio players were furious but the referee stuck with his decision of playing the advantage rule.


This was nothing however to the Laziali players and fans anger in the 43rd minute. Defender Carlo Soldo went past last man Pirazzini who blatantly tripped him up but the referee saw nothing in it. It was a clear foul and the fans reacted by throwing firecrackers  onto the athletics track surrounding the pitch (New Year's Eve stocks being dilapidated). Halftime score Lazio 0 Foggia 0.


A hard fought and tactical game so far but Lazio had reason to be upset with the referee.


Lazio started the second half well and pushed forward. Giuseppe Massa set up Nello Governato with only the keeper to beat but he missed.


In the 55th minute Foggia scored. The unstoppable Saltutti went down the left wing and put in a perfect cross for Dalle Vedove who took advantage of Lazio's frozen defence to put the visitors in front. Lazio 0 Foggia 1.


Lazio reacted but in the 59th minute the referee struck again. Governato had a powerful shot blocked by defender Teneggi's hand but the man in black saw nothing wrong with it or maybe saw nothing full stop.


In the 60th minute Lazio replaced Governato with skillful Giuseppe Lorenzetti. Four minutes later however Lazio seemed doomed when Foggia scored again. It was the deadly duo Delle Vedove -Saltutti again, this time with reversed tasks as Saltutti slotted in a Delle Valle cross. Lazio 0 Foggia 2. 


Still 25 minutes to go but things not looking good in north Rome.


The fans got behind Lazio and spurned them forward. Lazio attacked ferociously and Foggia pulled back completely in defence of their precious lead.


In the 80th minute Foggia took off an excellent Saltutti and put on a more defensive Rolla.


Lazio's constant pressure was rewarded in the 82nd minute when a Rino Marchesi shot was not held onto by keeper Moschioni and Ghio pounced and scored. Lazio 1 Foggia 2. 


Hope yet for Lazio in what was now an explosive light blue and white cauldron of an Olimpico. 


Lazio’s equaliser finally arrived in the 88th minute. A Mazzola- Piero Cucchi- Fortunato move was finished off by Massa who anticipated Moschioni coming of his line. Lazio 2 Foggia 2.


Absolute mayhem in the stands with Lazio fans ecstatic about the comeback despite the referee's antics. Final score Lazio 2 Foggia 2.


The Lazio players celebrated at the final whistle as if they had won. It felt like it after being 0-2 down against a solid opposition and being denied three penalties. A more than deserved point for Lazio who had fought with huge heart and could be optimistic for their promotion battle. With this spirit anything was possible.


Off the field the excitement boiled over and unfortunately the Foggia bus was targeted with some stones leaving the ground. Luckily nothing too serious, a broken window and a light head injury to Rullo from the shattered glass. Not his day.


Who played for Lazio 

Substitutes: Fioravanti

Manager: Lovati


Who played for Foggia 

Moschioni, Fumagalli, Valadè, Pirazzini, Teneggi, Dalle Vedove, Saltutti (80' Rolla), Garzelli, Nuti, Camozzi, Maioli

Substitutes: Trentini

Manager: Maestrelli 


Referee: Motta

Goals: 55' Dalle Vedove, 64' Saltutti,  82' Ghio, 88' Massa




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