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Pietro Fioravanti

Pietro Fioravanti was born in Cesena, on April 4, 1946.

Source Lazio Wiki

He is the son of Giorgio Fioravanti who played over 100 games in Serie A for Venezia and won a Coppa Italia in 1941. Giorgio had also played one game for Lazio in the Latin Cup.


Pietro Fioravanti grew up in the Juventus academy and in 1962 was loaned to his hometown team Cesena.


The Romagnoli were in Serie C. Fioravanti stayed two seasons but only played one league game. The Bianconeri finished 10th and 9th and the managers were Leo Zavatti and Renato Lucchi the second year.


In 1964 he returned to Juventus. He stayed another four seasons but again played little, only two league games. The main keeper was Roberto Anzolin who rarely missed a game (230 in the end). In this period the Zebras won a Scudetto (1967) and a Coppa Italia (1965). The manager over the whole period was, Paraguayan, Heriberto Herrera. In his last year, when he played his two games, his teammates included future Lazio Guido Onor (1968-69) and Gigi Simoni (manager 1985-1986).


In 1968 Fioravanti joined Lazio on loan. The Biancocelesti were in Serie B and the manager was Bob Lovati but with Juan Carlos Lorenzo really in charge as Technical Director. Lazio won the league and promotion. The first choice keeper was Rosario Di Vincenzo but Fioravanti managed to make 9 league appearances and 2 in Coppa Italia due to a Di Vincenzo injury. 


The following season, however, he returned to the Bianconeri in Turin. Anzolin was still going strong and the second choice was Roberto Tancredi so Fioravanti got no playing time. The managers were first Luís Carniglia (1-6) and then Ercole Rabitti (7-30) and Juventus finished 3rd.


In 1970 he finally left Juventus and joined Piacenza in Serie C. He stayed two seasons with a 15th and 14th place. He played regularly making 69 league appearances. The Poppies' managers were Bruno Arcari (1-26) and Angelo Franzosi (27-38) the first year and Alberto Molina (1-17) and then a duo Franzosi-Giancarlo Cella (18-38) in the second.


In 1973 he was loaned to Pescara for a season. The Dolphins were in Serie C but won the league and promotion under Domenico Rosati. The main keeper was Paolo Cimpiel, so Fioravanti was a reserve. His teammates included Lazio connections Vincenzo Zucchini (1979-80) and Totò Lopez (1975-80).


In 1974 Fioravanti joined Asti in Serie D. He played 34 league games and the "Galletti" (Cockerels) finished 11th.


He then played one more season with Riccione in Serie C. He played 10 league games and the Biancazzurri finished 17th.


At 30 he then retired.


Fioravanti will not be remembered as one of the great Italian goalkeepers. He never really played much at top level but had the satisfaction of getting two league games for Juventus. He is the winner of a Scudetto (1967) and a Coppa Italia (1965).


At Lazio he only stayed one season but it was a positive one for the club, winning the Serie B championship and promotion. Fioravanti gave his contribution with 9 league games.

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