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Okely comes good for deserved point

Season 1926-27

Game 3, First Division, Final Group Stage

Sunday, May 1, 1927

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Novara 2-2

Novara slightly superior but Lazio battle hard and clinch draw

Source Lazio Wiki

This year Lazio were in the Prima Divisione Group D (the second flight divided into 4 groups) at national level. Lazio had won their group, winning 15 and losing 3 and qualified for the second phase (the 4 group winners). The top flight was now called Divisione Nazionale.


So far, the Biancocelesti had won 1 (Pro Patria 3-2 at home) and lost 1 (Reggiana 1-3 away). Today was the third of the six games.


The match

There was a big crowd to watch this May Day game on a sunny afternoon.


Lazio had some heavy absences as neither forwards, Odoacre Pardini or Dante Filippi were available.


Lazio however took the lead early on when in the 7th minute Riccardo Okely III beat Ferenc Feher. Lazio 1 Novara 0.


The hosts' enthusiasm was short-lived as only two minutes later the Piedmontese equalised. In the 9th minute midfielder Achille Rosina scored for the Gaudenziani (San Gaudenzio, Gaudentius, is the Patron Saint of Novara, he was the first Christian bishop of the city). Back to the present Lazio 1 Novara 1.


The first half was balanced although the Novara attack looked sharper. The Lazio forwards Ugo Ciabattini and Lőwy had obviously not often played together before and Okely despite his goal was playing too deep. Halftime Lazio 1 Novara 1.


In the second half Novara went in front in the 60th minute. The goal scorer was Carlo Crotti but on this occasion Ezio Sclavi should have done better as the shot did not seem unstoppable. Lazio 1 Novara 2.


Lazio then pushed forward looking for the equaliser. They tried hard enough but lacked the killer instinct up front.


They attacked constantly however, and were rewarded seven minutes from time. It was Okely again who managed to put the ball in the net in the 83rd minute. It was the Roman striker's first and last ever brace of his career. Lazio 2 Novara 2 and also full-time score.


A fair result in the end. Novara had looked the superior team, slicker and better organised but Lazio deserved the point for their determination and heart.


The new table read Reggiana 4, Novara and Lazio 3, Pro Patria 2.


Who played for Lazio

Sclavi, Zanelli, Saraceni, Berti, Galli, Nesi, Ciabattini, Lőwy, Desideri, Okely III, Ottier

Player/Manager: Lőwy


Who played for Novara

Feher, Bonetti, Pestarini, Ragaglia, Roggia, D'Aquino, Rosina, Rossi, Zanni, Crotti, Marucco

Manager: Schäffer


Referee: Berti

Goals: 5' Okely III, 9' Rosina, 60' Crotti, 83' Okely III




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